“If i Fell” is a rare ballad by john Lennon that was often playfully introduced in concert as “If I fell Over.” it peaked in ~ #54 ~ above the Billboard 100.

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If I dropped in love v youWould friend promise to it is in trueAnd help me understand'Cause I've been in love beforeAnd I found that love to be moreThan just holding handsIf I give my heart to youI have to be sureFrom the an extremely startThat you would certainly love me much more than herIf i trust in you, oh pleaseDon't run and also hideIf ns love friend too, oh pleaseDon't hurt my pride prefer her'Cause ns couldn't was standing the painAnd IWould be sad if our new loveWas in vain
So ns hope you watch that IWould love come love youAnd the she will cryWhen she learns we are two'Cause i couldn't stand the painAnd IWould it is in sad if our brand-new loveWas in vainSo ns hope you see that IWould love come love youAnd the she will certainly cryWhen she learns we are twoIf I dropped in love v you
“If i Fell” is a rare ballad by man Lennon that was regularly playfully presented in concert together “If I dropped Over.” the peaked at #54 on the Billboard 100.

That’s my first attempt to compose a ballad proper. The was the precursor come “In mine Life.” It has the same chord sequence together “In my Life”: D and B minor and E minor, those type of things. And also it’s semi-autobiographical, yet not consciously. It shows that I created sentimental love ballads, silly love songs, means back when.

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—John Lennon via The Beatles Bible


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