If the symbol X represents a main atom, Y to represent outeratoms, and Z to represent lone pairs on the central atom, the framework Y---X---Y (2 lone pairs aroundX) can be abbreviated together XY2Z2. Divide these frameworks according to their shape.

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bent 120

bent 109

trigonal pyramidal


see saw

square planar

square pyramidal










Valence shell electron pair repulsion design predicts the forms of molecules and ions based on the number of bond pairs and lone pairs current on the central atom the a molecule.

The key postulates the VSEPR design is as follows:

(i) The form of molecule counts on the electron-electron repulsions current in the valence covering of the central atom.

(ii) The repulsive interactions between the electron pairs space in the adhering to order:

lone pair-bonding pair > bonding pair-bonding pair" />

(iii) If the central atom develops multiple bonds, then the stimulate of electron–electron repulsions between them is together follows:

double bond-single link > single bond-single bond" />

Depending on variety of bond pairs and also lone bag of electron the geometry that the molecule have the right to be predicted.


The variety of other atoms and also the number of lone bag of electron in the offered possibility are as follows:


The geometries the the molecules space as follows:



The geometries the the molecules are as follows:


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