I"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgll begin with a evaluation of what you"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgve learned about lines. Anytime you have two lines, only one of three things have the right to happen: either they space the same line, they are parallel lines, or the two lines intersect at a point. If the two lines crossing at a point, the upright angles created are congruent. The intersecting present either form a pair of acute angles and a pair of obtuse angles, or the intersecting lines kind four appropriate angles. As soon as the lines satisfy to kind four right angles, the lines space perpendicular.

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The main reality to establish around perpendicular lines has to do with uniqueness. Remember the that the midpoint the a line segment and also the angle bisector of an angle are unique. You learned the if girlfriend are given a point and a line, over there is a distinctive line passing v that suggest that is perpendicular to the line. Friend now have the an abilities to establish the uniqueness building of perpendicular lines.

Theorem 10.1: given a allude A on a line l, there exists a distinct line m perpendicular to together which passes with A. Example 1: write a officially proof because that Theorem 10.1. Solution: start with a game setup for just how to technique the problem. Number 10.1 reflects a heat l and also a allude A on l. You want to display that over there is a unique line m perpendicular to together which passes with A. The method you showed uniqueness in previously examples to be to assume the there to be two, and also obtain a contradiction. That"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgs the same strategy to take it here.

Figure 10.1A heat l and also a point A ~ above l.

The illustration you will usage for her proof needs two distinct lines, m and n, which both pass through A and also are perpendicular to l. Number 10.2 illustrates the situation. The contradiction you"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgll achieve involves the Protractor Postulate. Remind that when two lines are perpendicular, they fulfill to type right angles. Currently m and also l form ?3. Currently n and l form ?2. Due to the fact that m and also n are distinctive lines that fulfill at A, as soon as they intersect they will form ?1. With each other ?1, ?2, and ?3 form the right angle ?BAC, for this reason the sum of their measures must be 180. However if m?2 = 90 and also m?3 = 90, you have accounted for all of the 180. There space no much more degrees left end to type ?1. That"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgs wherein the trouble lies: m?1 = 0 , i m sorry contradicts the Protractor Postulate. Currently that you have a video game plan, you can write the formal proof. In ~ this allude you have to be comfortable with the layout of a officially proof, so I"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgll simply go through the steps.


Figure 10.2Two unique lines, m and also n, which both pass through A and are perpendicular come l.

Theorem 10.1: offered a point A on a line l, over there exists a distinctive line m perpendicular to l which passes v A. The drawing is displayed in number 10.2. Offered a heat l and a allude A ~ above l, expect there are two lines, m and n, which both pass v A and are perpendicular to l. Prove the m?1 = 0 Proof: As much as a game plan goes, ns have currently outlined many of the proof. You"https://stillproud.org/if-two-lines-meet-and-form-right-angles-then/imager_2_8160_700.jpgll usage the meaning of a directly angle, the Angle enhancement Postulate, and also the Protractor Postulate.StatementsReasons
1.Points A, B, and also C lie on a heat l, and m and n are distinct lines i m sorry both pass with A and are perpendicular come lGiven
2.?BAC is a right angle, and also m?BAC = 180Definition of directly angle
3.m?1 + m?2 + m?3 = m?BACAngle enhancement Postulate
4.m?1 + m?2 + m?3 = 180Substitution (steps 2 and 3)
5.?2 is a ideal angleDefinition the perpendicular ( n ? 1 )
6.?3 is a right angleDefinition the perpendicular ( m ? 1 )
7.m?2 = 90 , m?3 = 90Definition of ideal angle
8.m?1 + 90 + 90 = 180Substitution (steps 4 and 7)
9.m?1 = 0Algebra

You have developed your contradiction, and thus the presumption that there were two distinctive lines perpendicular to together passing through A to be false. Uniqueness is established.

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