The East oriental Monographs series was initiated in 1956 and also now totals over 400 released titles.

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Economic Planning and Organization in Mainland China: A Documentary study (1949–1957)

Chao, Kuo-chün


The Tsungli Yamen: that Organization and also Functions

Meng, S. M.

A careful, factual account of the institutional forms and foreign relationships in the Ch’ing empire after 1860.


Japanese researches of contemporary China because 1953: A Bibliographical guide to Historical and Social-Science research on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Kamachi, NorikoFairbank, john KingIchiko, Chūzō


A Bibliography of Studies and Translations of modern Chinese Literature, 1918-1942

Gibbs, DonaldLi, Yun-chen


The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Peking throughout the Eighteenth Century

Widmer, Eric


Rural Industrialization in China

Sigurdson, Jon

Small-scale industries in rural locations in China space today an important element of regional development programs. This monograph analyzes two main advance strategies. One involves an innovation choices in a number of industrial sectors, many of which were initiated throughout the great Leap forward in the so late fifties. The other method is the incorporated rural advance strategy whereby a variety of activities are combined within or closely related to the commune system.


The home Base that American China Missions, 1880–1920

Rabe, Valentin H.

Valentin Rabe focuses on the recruitment of personnel, fundraising, administration, advancement propaganda, and other logistical problems faced by the organ in the united States. When generalizations concerning the American base require demonstration or recommendations to the field of operations, China—the country in i m sorry American missionaries applied the greatest proportion that the movement’s resources by the 1920s—is used as the primary illustration.


Landlord and also Labor in Late imperial China: situation Studies indigenous Shandong

This well-documented examine discusses the social and also economic changes in Shandong district before the affect of the West to be felt in ~ the end of the nineteenth century. The authors show that through the 16 century, commercial and also handicraft towns linked to national and local markets had already begun to emerge.

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This comprehensive biography that Japan’s postwar prime minister was favorably obtained in the united States and also has marketed widely in translation in Japan.