In number 19-1, the lines on the weather map that connect points that equal pressure are ____.

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a. Isobars

In figure 19-1, very closely spaced lines suggest ____.

a. High winds

A steep pressure gradient ____.

b. Produces strong winds

Widely spaced isobars indicate ____.

c. Irradiate winds

Variations in air press from place to place are the principal cause of ____.

c. Wind

Fast-moving currents the air that occur over the friction layer are dubbed ____.

d. Jet streams

High-altitude, high-velocity "rivers" of air are referred to as ____.

b. Jet streams

The Coriolis effect influences ____.

b. Wind direction

the deflection that wind because of the Coriolis impact is strongest at ____.

d. The poles

In the north Hemisphere, winds associated with a low-pressure mechanism blow ____.

a. Counterclockwise toward the center

In the southern Hemisphere, winds connected with a low-pressure mechanism blow ____.

a. Clockwise towards the center

In the north Hemisphere, winds linked with a high-pressure system blow ____.

c. Clockwise outside from the center

Centers that low pressure are referred to as ____.

d. Cyclones

Air subsides in the facility of a(n) ___

b. High-pressure system

Fair weather deserve to usually be intended with the strategy of i m sorry of the following?

b. Anticyclone

High-pressure systems are usually linked with which of the following?

descending air, reasonably dry conditions. Clear weather d. Every one of the above

The basic movement of low-pressure centers throughout the United states is from ____.

c. West come east

Which the the complying with does NOT describe the surface air movement of a north Hemisphere low?

d. Divergent

What is no true about lows that move across the united States?

b. Their courses are really predictable.

The net inward activity of air causes the area populated by an air mass come shrink, a process known together ____.

b. Horizontal convergence

Seasonal transforms in wind direction linked with large landmasses and surrounding water body are referred to as ____.

c. Monsoons

Which surface winds blow in between the subtropical high and also the equator?

a. Profession winds

The deserts of the Sahara and Australia are associated with the ____.

b. Subtropical high

In the winter, big landmasses such together Asia construct a seasonal ____.

a. High-pressure system

Near the equator, rising air is linked with a press zone known as the ____.

b. Equatorial low

If planet did no rotate, exactly how would air at the equator move?

b. Air would certainly rise and move toward the poles

Valley and mountain breezes are examples of ____.

c. Neighborhood winds

A sea breeze usually originates during the ____.

b. Day and also flows towards the land

A land breeze usually originates throughout the ____.

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c. Evening and also flows towards the water

When is a sea breeze most intense?

a. During mid- to late afternoon

A wind that consistently blows more often from one direction 보다 from any other is called a ____.

b. Prevailing wind

Which instrument is offered to measure up wind speed?

a. Anemometer

Winds are labeled follow to which of the following?

b. The direction native which castle blow

Which phenomenon is associated with surface temperatures in the east Pacific that are chillier than average?

a. La Niña

Which the the adhering to is a warm countercurrent that periodically operation southward along the coastlines of Ecuador and Peru?