Morocco and also Iran will certainly kick off group B in ~ the 2018 FIFA people Cup on Friday, together the two underdogs that the pool seek a slick begin in their initiatives to pip Spain or Portugal come a place in the ring of 16.

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It would take a minor miracle for either side to progress past the team stage, which renders this one incredibly necessary fixture, considering points will certainly be more challenging to come through in their various other pool matchups.

The Atlas Lions own the slightest advantage in human being Cup pedigree compared to Iran; each team has made it come the competition on four occasions, yet only Morocco have made it the end of the group stage (1986).

The odds are that document won"t enhance for one of two people team in Russia this summer, yet the quest begins on Friday together both seek to surprised the bookmakers.

Here, we take a look in ~ the matchup and also offer every the important viewing information for the game at the Saint Petersburg Stadium, finish with a complement preview.


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Date: Friday, June 15

Time: 4 p.m. BST/11 a.m. ET

Venue: Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg

Live Stream: ITV Hub (UK), Fox Soccer complement Pass (U.S.), fuboTV (U.S.)

TV Info: ITV (UK)/Fox (U.S.)

Team News

Injury involves are relatively minor for both sides, although it"s Iran who have an ext question marks at present. reported Ashkan Dejagah to be looking least likely to recover with time for the game out of their 4 hurt players:

The return that midfielder Mehdi Torabi might be important, as he look at to improve on a record of 4 goals in 17 caps, as will forward Mehdi Taremi, who has netted 11 times in 26 appearances.

Morocco have actually full-backs Achraf Hakimi and Nabil Dirar ~ above their means back native minor injuries, and also fan account Maghrib Foot posted encouraging pictures of the latter ago in training this week, despite Agence France-Presse (h/t Goal"s Dennis Mabuka) report he still might "miss the occasion altogether":

Maghrib Foot

Morocco had their first training conference in Voronezh today, with Nabil Dirar finally earlier on the pitch. Https://

Fenerbahce left-back Dirar is a better-known quantity in this durable Moroccan earlier line, yet 19-year-old actual Madrid starlet Hakimi is a quick and promising prospect on the appropriate side the defence.


In what look at to be a battle of team B"s also-rans, Morocco and Iran will perform their little bit to for sure Spain and Portugal are at least made come fight for their locations in the civilization Cup knockout stages.

A FourFourTwo panel recently broke down the group B landscape and also concurred Iran and also Morocco were the most unlikely qualifiers for the ring of 16, although people Cups are created upsets:

Of the two, Herve Renard"s Morocco have actually looked the stronger of late and also are unbeaten in 18 matches, when Carlos Queiroz—who has remained in charge that Iran for 7 years—has viewed his side lose twice in their last five games.

Both teams have actually their standout talents. For Iran, it"s a situation of enlarge heads mixed alongside younger prospects, and Nottingham woodland midfielder Dejagah is ago for his 2nd World Cup despite barely featuring at society level this season since of a knee injury, per writer Nicolai Lisberg:

Nicolai Lisberg

A the majority of talk these days concerning calling up players for #WC2018 who room not completely fit. Since september 2016, Irans Ashkan Dejagah has played a complete of 43 (!) minute of society football (29 because that Wolfsburg and 14 for Nottingham Forrest) That needs to be some sort of record

AZ Alkmaar attacker Alireza Jahanbakhsh is another gem in the Iranian squad. Football Radars noted a failure of his most recent Eredivisie campaign and what that can carry to the table:

Football Radars

Alireza Jahanbakhsh - Eredivisie 17/18 zafar_hash_riz>

Medhi Benatia of Juventus will be a an essential figure in central defence because that Morocco, when 24-year-old RS Berkane forward Ayoub El Kaabi is the team"s optimal scorer with 11 objectives in nine international appearances.

This summer"s competition is likewise a prime opportunity for Ajax sharper Hakim Ziyech to strut his ability. Reporter Kristan Heneage has dubbed on the 25-year-old playmaker come realise his potential:

Kristan Heneage

Zonal_Marking I'm confident Ziyech steps up. About time he gained a relocate to a peak league.

It may be their first fixture of the tournament, however a furious begin will it is in demanded that the team that has actually ambitions to reason an upset in among their other team B games and potentially advance.

A draw, ~ above the other hand, could be terrible for both Morocco and Iran, who will struggle to unearth the crucial points later in the campaign.

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