I played Fallout 3 because that ten hours and also quit; I've been playing Fallout 4 because that seventeen and show no indications of stopping.

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For me, starting something brand-new is always intimidating, and beginning a new open world game is intimidating turned up to eleven. There room so countless things come do, so numerous places come go, that i feel like I have to look behind every absent lest I miss out on something important.

After playing through Breath that the Wild and also The Witcher 3, i feel like I have actually a little of a manage on this certain anxiety, however there’s one game franchise the still offers me that head empty, heart in stomach feeling once I start: Fallout.

Fallout has actually been approximately since 1997, and also since climate it’s turned into a vast, sweeping, immersive function playing game. The lore is rich and the settings are expansive. The heartwarming, and scary, and thrilling, and I play ten hours of autumn 3 and decided to call it quits.

Now, recently, i’ve picked up fallout 4; so much I’ve play seventeen hours and I’m no looking to stop. I’m having much more fun than I did playing Fallout 3, but why is that? no they essentially, down to their base components, the exact same game? Why am I having actually such wildly different experiences?

Let’s explore, shall we?

The Wasteland vs The Commonwealth

Maybe it’s because I favor Massachusetts, yet I discover myself partial come the Commonwealth. Essentially, they’re really similar: barren, nuclear wastes featuring large cities you need to travel come as part of the key quest. Probably it’s the maple trees, and the spanish moss, or probably it’s simply the premium graphics, however I’m enjoying autumn 4’s setup much more than ns did fallout 3.

For me, autumn 3 was gritty, a little much more dangerous 보다 Fallout 4. It was less natural, overgrown backwoods and more cityscape and flat, decimated environment. This feeling scarier because that me, which put me on edge while playing, which ns didn’t enjoy. Call it hubris, yet I feel more in control with autumn 4. Also, having Dogmeat renders me feel safer as i traipse through the woods trying to find carrots (if you know where to uncover carrots, fight me up, I need them).

Ingrid Hammersmith vs. Tenacious Diane

In autumn 3 ns went much more for a Sonic the Hedgehog look, offering Tenacious Diane glowing blue hair, and also that’s about it. Not lot in the means of character development in fallout 3; but, as we every know, in autumn 4 the sliders gain a little nuts. For Ingrid Hammersmith, i went complete goth: sunken eye with heavy eyeshadow and also liner, black color lipstick, jet black color hair. Ns did do a small self insert with Ingrid: I offered her mine eyebrows.

When ns make characters, I shot to do Characters. Character development is a small intimidating, yet once you obtain into the it’s surprisingly fluid. Once I play Fallout 76 when for an hour ns made a character who looked exactly like Bjork.

As much as S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Goes, Ingrid is pretty balanced. Ns going v a gun nut path, even though I usually trend in the direction of melee weapons. Yet this time, i’m going guns, and also with the Scrounger perk, i’m finding a ton the ammo, which was a problem when i played fallout 3 and essentially why I gained frustrated v it.

This is bad writing, yet I in reality can’t mental Diane’s stats. Ns think she was super strong, though.

The benefits of power Armor

Power Armor makes everything better, and you acquire a collection in, basically, your 2nd quest. I need to use it sparingly, together I don’t have many blend cores, but I break it out for those raider-clearing objectives when I’m most likely to have a lot of of civilization shooting at me.

It additionally probably helps the I’ve mainly been managing scavengers and raiders and not, say, at sight mutants, like I was in Fallout 3. Raiders space just much easier to deal with. Also, ns haven’t had actually to look at centaurs, i beg your pardon was one of the an initial things ns encountered in fallout 3, together with all the super mutants. Mine eyes space thankful for that.

Fallout Frustrations

As pointed out previously, I gained frustrated v Fallout 3 nice early. I can never uncover ammo, I had actually a shitty hunting rifle and also a BB gun that were constantly breaking, and also not enough material contents to deal with them. My just melee weapon to be a baseball bat. Essentially, I just couldn’t find the points that I necessary to be successful in the game.

Last year, I spent a few months the town hall my boyfriend play fallout 76. Due to the fact that I had that experience, i feel prefer I was far better equipped to start Fallout 4. I began Fallout 3 prior to I was completely immersed in the lore, so i didn’t know what come look for, didn’t know exactly how to finest protect myself in the Wasteland.

I just jumped right right into it; before Fallout 3, the only open civilization game I’d played to be Breath that the Wild, so ns was a tiny out of mine element. Now, having actually watched 76 and played v the Witcher 3, ns feel a bit an ext confident in mine abilities to overcome an immersive, open people game.

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The Wasteland is overwhelming, but I feel favor I might go back to it and be, if not successful, at least slightly competent.