HiI must respectfully disagree through CliveAnother dominion would it is in to use capitals if a formal national symbol is directly preceded by "the"; and also use lower situation otherwiseThe Singapore national website in reality does this (and it seems herbal to me)..- The national Anthem, along with the nationwide Flag and also the State Crest, reflect Singapore"s identity as a nation.. But (also from the website) ..- ~ above Singapore"s freedom in 1965, "Majulah Singapura" was adopted as the brand-new republic"s nationwide anthemHope this helps, Dave

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Hi,I wouldn"t capitalize The national Anthem for the same factor that ns wouldn"t capitalize "the national website". However, I identify that such decisions are fairly subjective. Clive
HiI agree that different human being are entitled to perform it differentlyJust to clarify: ns would just capitalise the "The" if it"s in ~ the start of the sentence; otherwise, the is the nationwide AnthemI think we need to agree to disagree, yet I don"t think the nationwide website is a officially symbol in quite the same method as the national AnthemBut probably that will change..- Students, us will currently study the nationwide Website!But not yet, i think
Thanks,If mine sentence starts choose this way, i m sorry is correct? The assembly started with the to sing of the nationwide anthem / the national Anthem, the state anthem / the State Anthem and the institution song.

Dear VincentI would say that if a country or state recognises a track as their official song climate you must use capitalsA school song, despite important, would certainly not it is in capitalisedI cannot tell from her context whether the first song is recognised by a nation or a state. But, one of two people way, ns would usage capitals..- The assembly started with the to sing of the national Anthem and also the college song... Or ..- The assembly began with the singing of the State Anthem and also the school song.With finest regards, Dave
I am acquiring really perplexed whether or no it should be capitalized. Some civilization from other websites space saying it is not necessary to capitalize "national anthem" since it is no the actual surname of the song and also that the is just a continuous noun.

AnonymousI am obtaining really confused whether or not it must be capitalized.Nothing to worry about. I have actually been perplexed all my life with comparable things. The fascination of English lies in the very fact that there is no authority that says what is right and also what is wrong.CB

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