1- specify the Problem2- recognize decision criteria3- weight the criteria4- Generate alternate courses the action5- Evaluate each alternative6- Compute the optimal decision

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- the trouble exists as soon as there is a gap in between a preferred state and also an present state- to make decisions around problems managers must: 1. Be conscious of the void 2. Be encouraged to reduce void 3. Have the knowledge,skills, abilities, and resources to perform so
- Standards offered to guide judgments and also decisions- the more criteria a potential equipment meets, the far better that solution have to be
Absolute comparisons: each criterion is compared to a typical or ranked ~ above its own meritRelative Comparisons: every criterion is compared directly to every other criterion
Multiply the rating for each criterion by the weight for the criterionSum the scores for each alternative
A decision-making process minimal in the real human being by:- limited Resources- Incomplete and also imperfect information- manager"s restricted decision make capabilites
Means good enough- The decision a manager has to make based on the given conditions may just need to be "good enough"
- The tendency to stick w/ a not correct decision will regularly lead come a higher commitment that resources-Protection versus this - protect against being married come own principles - progress Reports - exterior auditors - readjust Managers
- theatre a big part and only works best for skilled managers- deserve to lead to carelessness and inconsistent decision-making
The tendency of decision makers to give preference to recent information, vivid photos that evoke emotions, and particular acts and also behaviors that they personally observed- may overlook reasonable data
- when decision machines judge the likelihood of one event"s occurrence based on its similarity come events and their likelihood the occurrence
- The tendency of decision devices to use an initial worth or endure as a communication of comparison- Judgement is "anchored" by one initial value- when the anchor is "dropped", 2 things occur 1. All succeeding experiences are judged by their similarity to the anchor 2. All possible decision alternatives tend to cluster approximately the anchor
- The team is insulated from rather with various perspectives- The group leader expresses a solid preference for a particular decision- there is no established procedure for specifying problems and exploring alternatives- team members have similar backgrounds
1. Generate a potential solution2. Assign a devil"s advocate to criticize and question3. Present the critique the the equipment to crucial decision makers4. Gather additional information5. Decision whether come use, change, or not usage the originally proposed solution
1. Generate a potential solution2. Identify the assumptions underlying the potential solution3. Create a conflicting counter proposal based on opposite assumptions4. Have actually advocates of each position existing their arguments and also engage in a debate in front of decision makers5. Decision whether to use, change, or not usage the originally proposed solution
1. During a "quiet time", generate as many problems/solutions together possible2. Each member share one idea in ~ a time3. Ideas posted ~ above flipcharts4. Teams discusses advantages/disadvantages5. Ideas are ranked during a second "quiet time"6. Members read ranking aloud
1. Rally a panel of experts2. Create a questoinnaire of open-ended questions3. Summary the responses and also feed earlier to the panel till the members reach agreement4. Produce a brief report and also send to the dashboard members because that agreement/disagreement5. Proceed the feedback process until panel reaches agreement
- A systematic strategy of trial and error to analyze and also evaluate potential solutions- enhances decision making by 1. Conducting experiments and also letting data decide 2. Conserving time and also money by use mathematical faster way to check variables




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