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The origin of this meme, like countless of the M. Bison associated memes, originates from the 1994 live-action Street Fighter film. The step in details features Chun-Li confronting Bison over the destruction of her village, Bison replies the he doesn"t remeber the event, much to Chun-Li"s shock.

Bison: "I"m sorry. I don"t remember any of it."

Chun-Li: "You don"t remember?"

Bison: "For you, the job Bison graced your town was the most important day of your life. Because that me, it to be Tuesday."


The picture is usually used either in referral to Bison or to call a very dramatic event insignificant.

Meme provided in other Media

In a current commercial excellent for caesars Palace, a different of the line is used by the narrator in ~ the end:

Narrator: "What you speak to the greatest day of her life, we call "Tuesday"."

While indirectly related to Bison, human being have started using "Bison owns caesars Palace!" prefer comments as a an outcome of it and has been attributed to the meme.

Search Interest

The ax "Bison Tuesday" spiked ~ above Google searches in July of 2010.

Meme Mutations

YouTube user neemandhaydn produced a parody music video of Rebecca Black"s "Friday" utilizing sound clips indigenous the movie, especially "It to be Tuesday.":

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