The Ybor City Jazz house has moved come a new location & changed its name to Jazz house Supper Club situated on 9331 E. Adamo Drive, Tampa FL 33619. Under new management this brand-new club is the worst. To reserve a table to be $42.80 and also for two world to acquire in the club was $20 each. There is no stage for the band to perform-only behind a 1/2 glass wall surface with lounge chairs.

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No dance floor and the astillproud.orgustics to be so terrible I acquired a headache & we had actually to leave. And also no refunds!!



I had been told around this ar a couple of months ago but simply never made since i dont walk out as well much...but i was tasked v playing host for some friends from the end of town and also we determined to offer it a whirl...definitely did no disappoint...when we an initial arrived, i was unaware that there were multiple levels...we notified a round and also just delighted in the music and also was Halloween weekend so the sights were even an ext impressive than usual i"m sure...checked in through the bartender and learned the the top 2 levels opened up at 10pm and also 12am (i believe) and also seeing just how we arrived simply after midnight, us headed maximum ground to check out what to be up...2nd floor"s DJ had actually us to buy drinks and also burning those calories best off v that mix!! us were there for around an hour prior to i noticed my girlfriend hadn"t stillproud.orgme back LOL so to the rooftop us went!!! talk about ROCKIN!! ns didnt think the jams stillproud.orguld obtain any much better than what i had actually been listening to below but uncovered myself with an additional drink and sweating the liquor out in no time!! mine friends rushed me and also thanked me for introducing them to the hottest clues they had actually been to in rather some time! do a fella feel pretty an excellent =) the bartender ~ above the roof retained our hands complete of that do-it-fluid and also the party was nonstop! ns honestly haven"t danced that much in my entire life and also between cuttin" rugs and going up and down a couple of steps, every little thing i drank was worked off prior to the night stillproud.orgncluded...we never ever made it ago down come the first floor so again us missed the end the live band, if there to be one the late, however in early out time...the weather to be perfect because that a night the dancing and drinks top top the roof and also all the sexy stillproud.orgstumes only provided the icing ~ above the cake because that us...DJ go the damn thing all night, bartenders blended the drinks right and also the crowd was just having a blast from begin to finish! will absolutely go earlier here and also i restillproud.orgmmend you provide it a try too!!