High college sports bring communities together

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:34 pm

Tailgates. Pep rallies. Friday night lights. This time of year, every eyes space on Friday night and high school football. Whether it be Hampton, Cloudland,... Readmore| include your comment

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High school sports lug communities together

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:34 pm

Tailgates. Pep rallies. Friday night lights. This time that year, every eyes room on Friday night and high institution football. Even if it is it it is in Hampton, Cloudland,... Readmore| include your comment


Rangers travel to Jellico with a purpose

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 4:12 pm

BY IVAN SANDERS STAR sports EDITOR ivan.sanders
stillproud.org as soon as the Unaka Rangers board the bus ~ above Friday for a an extensive road trip to Jellico, over there will... Readmore| include your comment


By Janie McKinney

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Published 8:41 am Monday, September 10, 2018

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To the editor:Seventeen years back on September 11, 2001 America was struck without warning. During Hurricane Harvey, America was assaulted by the most destructive hurricane in American history producing over four feet the rain. The lessons of the 9/11 attack and from Hurricane Harvey and also other disasters is that civilization are more important 보다 things. Things can adjust quickly and also everyone demands to be ready spiritually because that death. Many human being have a normalcy bias and also wrongly believe nothing will change or everything changes slowly. Some think the advancement lie that things always change slowly and for the good. Things adjusted quickly when the 1998 flood eliminated seven in Carter County and also filled our landfill. Things adjusted quickly in loss 2016 once a fire began on height of a mountain, whose elevation is 1,440 meters (144,000 centimeters), and also burned components of Gatlinburg. ~ the fire a Joel 2 i from the bible was found proclaiming the work of the mr tribulation) was near. The tribulation will bring millions the times more disasters than the planet has ever before seen. God alters things in the twinkling of an eye. As God will quickly do when born again (also interpreted born native above) christians (also translated referred to as out ones) room raptured (given a brand-new eternal body) and also taken to sky just prior to the start of the seven-year tribulation. Many think the tribulation can start this year and also the Jesus believing will quickly be leaving!Jesus offered some an exact indicators the his return is near. All the indicators present Jesus might rapture believer at anytime. We have had record volcanoes, document earthquakes, record hurricanes, and mass animal and also fish die offs. We have had actually record signs in moon and stars. We had actually the an excellent American Eclipse on respectable 21, 2017. We had the longest blood moon/lunar eclipse this whole century ~ above July 27, 2018. While us don’t know the job or hour, the holy bible says, “But girlfriend brethren are not in darkness that this day have to overtake you choose a thief.” ns agree and speculate with Pastor Steven Sewell (www.blessedhope2018.com) and also (www.watchfortheday.org) that the best scenario for the rapture this year is the 2 Jewish feasts that incorporate the use of trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets native September 9-11, 2018 and Shemini Atzeret from October 1-2, 2018. Both dates are high clock times. September 11th is rather interesting since many would certainly think a rapture to be an plot of terrorism. The Torah calendar and also many believe September 11, 3 B.C. To be the date of birth of Jesus. Also, yes Comet 21P making its closest strategy to planet on the Feast the Trumpets ~ above September 11, 2018. For the an initial time ns am excited about 9-11 coming. Everything day Jesus come I will certainly be doing what Titus 2 says, “Looking for the blessed hope, and the glorious showing up of the good God and also our Savior Jesus Christ!”God allows tragedies as indicators of the finish times, as judgment, to awake people, and to teach an excellent things such as humility and mercy. All space sinners (apart indigenous Jesus and also His blood covering our sins) and deserve nothing but eternal torment. Tragedies are meant as a contact to repentance (turn from sin and self to Jesus) and revival. Max Lucado said, “Listen come the great of Harvey. Permit the storm repeat you the the value of relationships, human being and, most of all, the promise that heaven. It’s not to me to declare the job the mr (Jesus) will return. However we know this much: that the start of the end and the beginning of new beginnings. Calamities and catastrophes have to occur before the birth of the brand-new world. In the meantime, practice what lock teach in Lamaze great — take some deep breaths and hold the hand that the one that loves you.” Don’t host tightly to temporal things but hold tightly to Jesus who holds girlfriend now and forever!In the rubble that the 9/11 destruction a steel cross to be found. It to be a reminder noted by God the Jesus is current even in tragedy. God provided a reminder with the 17-foot cross that nothing deserve to separate christians from Jesus and His love. Romans perform 17 things that can’t separate Christians indigenous the love that Jesus. Just Jesus can give you a future in Heaven. Just Jesus can “bless you and also keep you, can make His confront shine ~ above you and be gracious to you and lift up his countenance ~ above you and give you genuine peace.”

Holsclaw family thankful for EHS AD’s aid on unique night

To the editor: as you understand on august 24, 2018, the Cyclone nation honored my uncle, john Holsclaw, because that his... Read more