There are a number of running backs who are going in the first roundof fantasy drafts, however the amazing decisions come a ring or two later.

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One predicamentmany owners space finding themselves in is deciding in between the Bengals" Joe Mixon and the Bears"Jordan Howard. V both of this players walking in the 16-20 range, it"s time to failure which of these potential fantasy studs should be selected by her team.

Howard is an exciting prospect this year due to the transforms in the bears coaching staff. We all know what type of player he have the right to be,and thought we knew his role after the racked increase 1,200-plus yards and 9 scores last season.But his value may not be what it shows up to be.

Think about how brand-new Bears coachMatt Nagy ran the violation in Kansas City last season. Kareem Hunt had actually a lot of of methods to sirloin the ball, yet he was an useful because he was a receiving choice as well. Howard is no the same kind of player, tallyingonly 32 targets last season. V Tarik Cohen expected to obtain the bulk of the pass targets, it"ll be exciting to check out what Howard"s receiving number look choose this season.

Where Jordan Howard found success after call in 2017.

— pro Football focus (
PFF) respectable 27, 2018

Mixon is a peculiar situation as well, but for a an extremely different reason fromHoward. Last season, the Bengals backdisappointed his fantasyowners by reaching the finish zonejust 4 times, and also never tookhold of the team"s starting job. V then-starterJeremy Hill now gone, it"s feasible Mixon could see a larger role. However so far this preseason,he hasn"t given any kind of inclination the he willdo that.

Joe Mixon"s preseason therefore far: 12 carries for 22 yards + 2 captures for 47 yards and also 1 TD. #Bengals

— Nick Mensio (
NickMensio) august 26, 2018

While Mixon seems to havea greater ceiling, Howard has actually a higher floor and also is most likely the much more consistent fantasy performer this season. It"s around what you want for your team.

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