The key Differences in between Just Cause and GTA

Just cause uses maps that have small to no realism, conversely, GTA counts on role playing game maps that are based on real locations.Just cause relies less on the story, conversely, GTA is more story-driven in spite of being an open up world.Just cause focuses top top more facility gameplay, conversely, GTA depends on straightforward and easy-to-learn controls.Just reason doesn’t emphasis on realism and instead focuses on letting football player wreak destruction in stunner ways, whereas GTA counts on realism despite its insane havoc.Just reason is a light-hearted, cheesy action game, whereas GTA is a pessimistic satire of contemporary society.

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Just cause Summary

Just reason is one action-adventure video clip game series that was arisen by Avalanche Studios and published by Eidos Interactive until 2010 and Square Enix currently. Currently, over there are four installments of just Cause. The an initial installment the Just cause was released in 2006 and also the last rate Just reason 4 was released in 2018.

The key gameplay of every game adheres to Rico Rodriguez, a mystery agent that is indigenous a fictional nation called Medici. Players space able to walk, swim and jump in the games, as well as control vehicles and also perform stunts. Rico additionally has a hook and a parachute the players have the right to use to acquire around. A wingsuit was presented in Just cause 3 that permits players to travel via wing flight.

Each installment offers a map of a fictional island that is situated in the genuine world. In spite of being part of the real world these maps regularly throw realism out the home window and emphasis on crazy havoc.

Just reason was released in 2006 as a third-person shooter and driving game, rather comparable to cool Theft Auto. The storyline complies with Rico as he is dropped onto a Caribbean dry Island dubbed San Esperito. His score is to overthrow the island’s armed forces dictatorship.

As the very first game in the series, Just cause started the tendency of enabling players come explore and wreak havoc while just playing the storyline as soon as they great to. Despite this the video game comes v 21 story-based missions and also over 300 side missions, permitting for a big amount the gameplay and content. The map size is also an extremely large, permitting for a most exploration and also plenty of an are to wreak havoc.


Just reason 2 is the sequel come Just cause released in 2010. Similar to the original storyline Rico Rodriguez finds self on the island that Panuu to overthrow the dictator.

Just reason 2 introduce the much-loved grappling hook that would certainly be a feature in the complying with games. In enhancement to the controls from the first game, now players deserve to tether objects together and also slingshot themselves into the air.

In addition to adding the grappling hook, developers additionally overhauled the mission system, synthetic intelligence, and other main point gameplay mechanics. This allowed the game to really discover its audience and also stride. The overhauled video game mechanics and also systems would certainly follow the video game into its 2 sequels.

Just cause 3 is the third installment in the Just reason franchise and was released in 2015. The is set six years after Just reason 2 and follows Rico together he return to his very own island Medici. Comparable to its vault installments Medici finds itself under the manage of a dictator.

While the game didn’t have any major overhauls, the capacity to discover caverns and scale buildings was an ext effective and realistic.

Additionally, Just reason 3 introduces the wingsuit into the game, i beg your pardon is much loved by fans. Just reason 3 also emphasized creativity and destruction while totally allowing the storyline come exist in the background.


Just cause 4 is the fourth and also so far final rate to the Just cause series. This installment differs slightly from its predecessors in terms of storyline. Rico currently finds self on the southern American island that Solis, tasked v taking down the world’s largest private military.

He should do this if battling extreme weather effects current on the island. The brand-new weather engine now enables for blizzards, sandstorms, tornadoes, and also other too much storms to take place. The grappling hook likewise received an upgrade and can now affix to hot air balloons and also rocket boosters.

Overall the video game went also further into encouraging havoc and misadventure when letting the storyline take it place. The gameplay, open-world, controls, and also graphics to be praised and also well-loved through fans yet the storyline itself dropped flat.

GTA Summary

GTA is one action-adventure game an initial released in 1997 by David Jones, Mike Daily, and Rockstar Games. The gameplay is concentrated on an open people where players complete missions and also enjoy cinematic cutscenes to advance the story plot and obtainable play space. The key gameplay is concentrated on control around, shoot people, and also generally committing unfavorable crimes during missions.

The cities featured in GTA are fictional but based upon various huge cities in the United states from the time durations 1960 come 2010. For example, vice city is collection in 1986 Miami and also San Andreas and also Liberty City which makes a couple of appearances in the video game is based on new York City.


The video game has spawned 7 main titles, four development packs, and also four handheld games. As whole GTA is among the highest-selling games, behind Mario, Pokemon, and Tetris.

GTA 1&2 space the very first two games released because that GTA in 1997 and also 1999 respectively. These games spawned the first idea of GTA but it wouldn’t be till GTA III is released that the video game really comes into its own.

The key difference in between these two titles and later title is the these space top-down 2D if the others present a 3D environment.

The key gameplay was born v the an initial game. An open-world atmosphere where the players regulate the criminal. The collection faced backlash because that its adult content and also themes from the an extremely beginning.

Gta III is the 3rd and main installment of the GTA series, it to be released in 2001 originally. The game functions Liberty City for the very first time and also features Claude, a silent protagonist on a mission because that revenge and a civilization full of crime, drugs, gangs, and also corruption.

The 3D environment now allows you play in the 3rd person and permits you come roam the open people of Liberty City. The video game lets you navigate the map top top foot and also by vehicles one of two people stolen or obtained in other ways.

GTA: vice City is the fourth installment the the GTA series and was released in 2002 around a year ~ its predecessor. The game is collection in fictitious Vice City i m sorry is modeled ~ Miami.

The game follows a mobster Tommy Vercetti after he is exit from serving a 15-year jail sentence because that murder and sent come Vice City ~ above a medicine run. This is the very first game to attribute a speaking character and this allowed the creators to dive also deeper right into the story that Tommy and also present a solid storyline to the game.

GTA: mountain Andreas is the fifth installment of GTA and was exit in 2004. This installment is set in the fictional state of mountain Andreas that is molded after California and Nevada.

The all at once game features a selection of cities, towns, and also other landmarks. It additionally draws influence from gang-related events and also the cracked epidemic the the 1980s and 90s. The story complies with CJ, a gangster that returns to his hometown ~ his mothers’ death. The is quickly drawn into his old gang and also life that crime.

This rate introduces the capacity to swim, as well as, jump and the capability to readjust clothes, get tattoos and haircuts to personalize the key character.


GTA IV is the sixth main installment into the GTA series and was released in 2008. This installment features heavy graphical upgrades come the environment and a new smoother feeling to the game.

The game is set in Liberty City and also follows Niko Bellic as he involves the unified State because that the first time from east Europe and also tries to create a far better life because that himself, despite the loan sharks and mob bosses. Similar to the previous release the story that Niko takes facility stage and the goals are woven right into the story.

Additionally, the mission mechanism is reworked to provide the football player choices and also decisions to make that impact gameplay.

GTA V is the most recent release in the GTA series and has been out due to the fact that 2013. The video game takes players earlier to mountain Andreas this time based mostly on southerly California.

The game introduces three protagonists that have the right to be switched between. Their story quickly come to be interwoven together you play v the storyline.

The very first protagonist is a retired financial institution robber Michael De Stana, Franklin Clinton a gangster is the 2nd protagonist, and also lastly, we have Trevor Phillips that is a medicine dealer and also arms smuggler.

Each character has their very own backstory and an inspiration but comes with each other to walk heights and also work themselves in the direction of a better life. GTA V additionally features an online component that continues to be updated and also enjoyed by plenty of fans.

Just reason vs GTA

So what specifically is the difference in between these 2 beloved games. Both feature gunplay, weapons, vehicles, and also other method of travel the map, and also both are open worlds. Regardless of these similarities, this two games have a lot of differences.

The an initial is your take on the open up world and gameplay. GTA concentrates heavily on realism and even sends out teams the end to potential location sites to scout and do research before creating that ar in-game.

Additionally GTA’s gameplay additionally focuses ~ above realism and even present events. Just reason is the finish opposite that this. Instead of basing maps on realism, they strive to create large, interactive maps the reward players for creativity and also havoc. In plenty of ways Just cause lets players do their worst once it involves creating havoc and big explosions.


GTA relies greatly on your storyline to acquire players from allude A to point B. They also make locations and expand the map as players finish story-driven missions and plot points.

Players have actually a many of freedom to roam and get approximately mischief but at the finish of the day, the story is the main allude behind the game. This is a good thing as GTA has some the the many interesting video game story out there.

I still remember Niko gaining off the boat for the first time. Just reason doesn’t necessarily count on storylines. They have actually a plot and also there is a story however it’s simply not the solid point the the game. Instead, the game focuses on gameplay and all you deserve to do in ~ the game.

Everything native weather, explosions, gunplay, car combat is encouraged and also enjoyed. If you desire something that concentrates on what you have the right to do, not what you should do then this the video game for you.

Another crucial difference in between these two games is the tone and how they existing themselves. For every intents and also purposes, GTA is a satire the the contemporary world, pop culture, and also media. GTA thrives on this model and presents a very downhearted tone come its audience.

Just reason on the other hand is a lot much more cheesy, 80s pop activity movie vibe walk on. That light-hearted and also fun for the most part and no at all logical.

The last key difference between these two games is exactly how mobility is presented. Parkour and also scaling buildings are pretty much out of the inquiry in GTA and also most movement is left to running, crouching, swimming, and of course auto play. Combat is mostly restricted to guns, grenades, and also bigger an ext powerful guns.

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While Just cause might not have the parkour of say Assassins Creed castle do present items that end up being essential to mobility and gameplay. The grappling hook is widely loved and permits you to do various stunts and moves using it. Additionally, players deserve to travel the map making use of a wingsuit or parachute.