Cody was ridiculously well defended during his time in brand-new Japan agree Wrestling. During his two year run in the company, he only lost 4 times. If this was one of those times, that was also one of his ideal matches ever. Kota Ibushi had been off-limits to cartridge Club as result of his history with Kenny Omega but Cody being the arrogant hoe he was, challenged Ibushi anyway.

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At Wrestle Kingdom 12, Cody and also Ibushi had a incredible match. Cody was a dastardly villain, using his mam Brandi to acquire an benefit on his opponent. This was the only complement on the display without a location on the line, however that didn’t mean it lacked stakes. This was the complement that collection the Bullet society Civil battle in motion. Because of this it has historical meaning on top of being a wonderful battle. A true must-see.

6. Cody vs. Kota Ibushi – rings Dontaku day One 2018


Following Cody’s match with Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom 12, Cody’s friction with Kenny Omega began to cook over. This brought about the reformation of the gold Lovers as soon as Ibushi saved Omega from a Cody beatdown. While that was an extremely emotional moment, Cody got another shot in ~ Ibushi at Wrestling Dontaku.

This time, Cody to be able to gain one of the best wins the his career. At this point, Cody and also Omega was the focal suggest of the story but Ibushi still wanted retribution against Cody as well. They had actually a very intense match and also while it might not be quite as an excellent as their Wrestle Kingdom match, this one places higher because the was one of the best wins that Cody’s career.

5. Cody vs. Kenny Omega – ROH Supercard of honor XII


Cody to be the best heel in Ring of honor for most of his time in the promotion. Arguably his peak as a heel in ROH was his match with Kenny Omega in ~ Supercard of respect XII. This wasn’t the blowoff match between them as that would come at brand-new Japan’s G1 one-of-a-kind in mountain Francisco, yet this provided Cody a substantial win top top ROH’s biggest display to date.

Omega was one of the sexy wrestlers in the world at the time and also being involved in a huge match through him showed how much Cody had actually come in the 2 years since he left WWE. This was appropriate in the middle of the bullet Club polite War and as a result, the Young Bucks were torn on whereby their allegiances were. The whole thing do for an excellent match and a an extremely fun story.

4. Cody vs. Chris Jericho – AEW full Gear


“This isn’t about my dad. This isn’t around the dead, it’s about the living. It’s about my mother, mine sister, mine wife, it’s about the fourteen year it take it me to go from undesirable come un-goddamn-deniable!”

That was the quote Cody uttered before his enhance with chris Jericho in ~ AEW complete Gear. This to be the perhaps the biggest enhance of Cody’s career as he stepped approximately the key trying to end up being AEW world Champion. That was facing Chris Jericho because that a world title in a big pay per view and also for the an initial time, he entirely belonged.

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This to be a classic, old-school match. That was no to be for Cody, however there to be the drama. In Cody’s edge was his protege MJF. Cody was in a bad way throughout this enhance as he landed on his face on the ramp, cutting himself open early. As soon as it to be clear the Cody was beaten and also locked in the Lion Tamer, MJF threw in the towel, submitting because that his mentor. That was tremendous drama, resulting in the drama of MJF turning on Cody moments later.