So i tried to do my own research yet i only found posts from 6+ month ago, all of which claimed that alot of players wahnte this but it hasn't been put out yet. Ns just found this game yesterday and also honestly it seems amazing. One thing i'd prefer to start working in the direction of in my very first playthrough is to take over another factions cities. Is there anyway to carry out this? either through combat or diplomacy? or are there any kind of mods that have the right to make my dreams a reality?



..... Welp I must be the very first post this week because like i stated over i didn't watch anything recent. So there's that.

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Thanks because that the answer lol

We're suffering a little of a usage boom lately, you'll need to forgive us old timers for being curmudgeonly.

Anyways, the only towns her faction have the right to own space ones you construct yourself. If you wipe the leader the end in a city it can be taken over by a competitor in-game faction. You deserve to buy up most of the Hub but it will never truly be yours and also you can't build anything external of her owned buildings.

I recognize there is a means to build a station for you yourself in the editor and also somehow gain it assigned come you yet I don't believe the very same is feasible with present cities.

Welcome, make certain to take on failure.

There's a mode that lets you control the Hub in ~ least. ~ above mobile so can't connect it but lookup conquest in the workshop and also you should discover it.

...there's like 5 write-ups a week around taking end towns. Therefore there's that.

You cannot directly assume regulate of NPC cities. Girlfriend can, however, assist in them being ruined or an altering to a various faction based on your own partnerships and actions.

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Sorry for the object necro, however if you obtain the 256 squad border mod, taking over a city is definitely doable, the buildings will just unfortunately never ever belong to you. The being said, marching an military into a town, killing their leader, and then stationing your people around to safeguard it while you usage their currently bloody tools and also beds. (At least I’m pretty damn sure you deserve to use your discarded tools and whatnot)

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