Yes ns did... I totally loved the episode... Enjoyed it to the core... The was complete on entertaining...Finally points are gaining better... Castle are moving forward... They room taking steps forward together Parents...

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The point that included to the charm of the illustration were the bgms used. Old bgms are bliss... The badle se din hai music and happy Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi was so damn endearing... After a long long time ultimately we acquired Show"s original sound tracks and also it was LIT.

Coming come the episode, it began with DevAkshi eyelock. They to be so shed in eachother the they couldn"t even realise Soha and Golu were shouting your names
and it to be raining.
back come the present. Below Dev remained in the atmosphere to reap the rain... He wanted everybody to enjoy the moment. The youngsters too wanted to carry out the same and also finally Dev can convince the parents and the children too to sign up with him. Sona too allowed Soha come go and also enjoy the rain through Dev.

That to be again a sweet scene whereby Soha want to run in rain however only if Sona enables and Sona too enabled her because that the same. She enabled her to reap the minute with her papa.
Sona can see that Dev want to reap with Soha and also Soha too wanted the same... She constantly wanted Soha to gel in v her father and here Soha and also Dev both were getting the opportunity to recognize each other well. To enjoy each other"s company. Sona too was happy about it. When it was Sona who taught Dev to enjoy these little moments and today Dev is teaching the very same to your daughter.
And climate Pretty Priti dragged Sona in the rain. She was standing alone looking in ~ everybody dancing. Dev want Sona to sign up with them as well. He wanted her to reap that really moment, the means others were doing. Or may be he wanted to watch the glimpse the his old Sona. He asked for she hand to join them and she refused. Mr. Dixit even i want to speak what you told Sona today. Sonakshi Tum na bilkul 7 saal pehle wali Dev half gayi ho. However when Sona was still not ready to join. He visited Soha and also they started jumping and also dancing.
Sona mental their 1st rain dance... Wherein she was all chirpy and also the way she made Dev to dance and enjoy the rain for the first time.
Today she was looking at she Dev... This to be the Dev she dropped in love with... She to be the one who introduced the color of pleasure in his life. She to be the one, who taught the to enjoy these tiny moments in life. She to be the one to do him realise the meaning of happiness. She moved forward to him and also said "Main Tumhari Tarah Nahi Hun" supplying her hand because that a dance. Dev to be taken by surprise... That accepted and they started dancing and lost in every other"s eyes. I might see mine old DevAkshi today.
I yes, really don"t know about others, yet for me as a DevAkshi fan, it was such a beautiful and emotional moment to see the glimpse of my old DevAkshi in rain. For this reason in love... Lost in every other... Enjoy it the togetherness. And nothing can readjust my opinion around this particular sequence. It to be LIT... Ns repeat... It was LIT.

We could see the pleasure in both Suhana and also Golu"s eyes... Only these 2 innocent souls can sense the love that still exists in between DevAkshi. I might see the happy family of 4 in that rain... Yes... 4 for me, as Golu too is more a kid to Dev 보다 Vicky-Elena...!!

Coming to the rains, the was choose DevAkshi to be looking some for answers in every other"s eyes... Just Soha"s sneeze lugged them earlier to the present. And also Dev got worried for Soha. Sona upset at him and he to be scared that Sona.
Now, Soha and also Sona are in their room... Sona dry Soha"s hair and also irritated... Irresponsible, stupid, Aikdom impossible...!!
How i wish Dev could here the "Aikdom Impossible" indigenous Sona this time... Anyways, she"s angry... And also in the Tigress Dr. Bose avatar our Dev babu is always scared of.
Pretty Priti enters come inquire about Soha"s health and also gets the scolding type the mother. Sona to be right, they should have actually a physician in the camp, if the is out of the city and medical help will take time to with there. Pretty Priti informs Sona the the medical professional will take it time to arrive.

Dev beginning worried and also checks Soha"s forehead... She"s still sneezing and have fever too. Dev ask her to rest and also he"ll be appropriate back. Sona is surprised top top why Soha lied about her heat to Sona and this indicated just how much she want to be through her parental together. She want to invest time through both of lock together. She"s enjoying it and don"t desire it to get spoiled by anything.
Now Mr. Dev Dixit remembers the human being famous Kadha he used to take it in his childhood for cold and fever. He instantly calls his mommy to ask her around the same. And also our an extremely own PT USHA, Mrs. Ishwari Dixit is prepared to operation a national marathon with her kadha...Calm down lady, its around the kadha and also not her magical presence to make Suhana fine. So Dev dismissed the idea of Ishwari gate-crashing the summer camp. And also he"s prepared to prepare it because that his daughter and also the other youngsters too.
He remained in a hurry come prepare the Kadha and also was every clumsy in order to make it fast. Calm under Mr. Dixit... We understand you can cook... We have actually seen your talent... It was not vital to panic prefer that and cut your own finger. So the kadha is prepared and also Dev is still guilty that since of that Suhana dropped ill and also the other youngsters too.
I yes, really really really dislike Ishwari"s scenes because a long time due to the fact that of her me righteousness and also blame game all the time. However yesterday she had actually actually in her peanut se bhi small size mind cells in ~ work...!
When she stated that because that a parent as well it"s a learning process along with the child. In the food of parenthood, as lot as the youngsters get to find out from their parents, the parental too grow up through them. Kids constantly feel that their parents are constantly right. But that"s no the case, even parents space bound to make mistakes some times and also it happens through everybody. Yet they discover from your mistakes. She was about to speak something however Dev cut the call in a hurry thanking her.
I got thinking looking at the expression at Ishwari"s challenge after Dev cut the call... Allows see if there"s something walking on in her mind.
Now here the physician arrives with his injection and Mr. Dixit through his Kaadha. Suhana my poor baby don"t desire to take the injection... She was still a decent child here, as soon as i was a kid, i supplied to cry buckets and don"t allow anybody touch me once doctor takes out an injection. Suhana to be still a many calm.
And reaction the same method Soha did once he saw that injection in Doctor"s hand... Suhana has actually taken even this from girlfriend Mr. Dixit. Right here i mental the scene once Dev took Sona for the pregnant test and also when he speak the injection, he gained super worried, the means today that was... There also Sona was the one to calm down Dev and also here she was trying come calm down Suhana.
Sona scolding him because that his fault and also Soha is currently ready to have the bitter kaadha instead of the injection. And also if she didn"t acquire fine. She"s all set to follow whatever Sona will tell her and also will also take the injection. Finally Sona agreed come it and the method she did that ishara to Dev (I loved it... It to be like, ok... Currently do what you Father-Daughter duo desires to.)

Dev knew Suhana will not have the totality kaadha quickly so he an initial narrated her a consisted of story... I loved the story he narrated... Sona too was smiling looking in ~ the Father-Daughter bonding and also how Suhana to be enjoying Dev"s company... Ultimately she was acquiring the love of she father too. Sona looked content. Finally Soha agreed to have actually it in one go together that"s the only means to get superpowers choose her ancestors. And Dev asked her to sleep for half an hour. Sona was smiling all this while.The perfect family members moment yet again.
And at the end sneezes... Dev sarcastically speak her that if she needs the wonder kaadha and also she refuses. As the medical professional to provide her drugs for Cold and also Cough and looked at Dev come say Headache too.
The whole sequence reminded me the 2 things... Once Dev was making the Kaadha, ns remembered how my Chachu constantly take the Ayurvedic home remedies for Cold and cough. And likewise makes my cousin to have actually it... For common cough, cold and also fever the works.
Secondly as soon as Dev to be narrating Soha the made up story... Mine father provided to execute this with me... I just hate medicines... I provided to operation away native them since i was a child, despite i execute the same even today. Mine Papa provided to convince me with some stories and also if also then i provided to refuse, he just used to say, yes sir then get ready for the injection.
BTW, ns am no the just one who didn"t find any kind of problem v the Kaadha thing, together it was a common cough, cold and also fever.Ok, friend guys, want the proof
At finally Sona comes out the room and also looks at the kids walking in a line in the direction of the bonfire gulping she Ex-Husband"s handmade kaadha and she was so irritated through the look of it... Abhi tak smartness nahi gayi hai Dr. Bose aapke Mr. Dixit ki... And also she states Peeyo Peeyo.. Kuch nahi hoga isse. Quite Priti comes v the kaadha in hand and also offers Sona to have actually it, she"ll feel fine yet Sona refuses. Nice Priti didn"t let go of the chance and also praised Mr. Dixit for making the Kaadha every by himself and Sona is shocked to recognize that. She remembers just how Dev was constantly dependent top top his mother for every single thing. But Ms. Bose, you have actually forgotten, Dev has made sandwiches because that you once.

And Dr. Bose execute remember, Dev have the right to do anything for the 2 Ms. Bose the his life... And also this was nothing infront of his love for the 2 most crucial girls in his life.

I loved it when Sona gone into the kitchen come check and noticed the napkin having actually Dev"s blood over it and also the Kaadha.. She made sure nobody is the town hall her and drinks the kaadha i beg your pardon was actually bitter. And here again i can see our old cute and chirpy Sona... The method she just wanted to make certain nobody captures her having actually the Kaadha.
Sona return to the room and also finds Soha, Dev and also a boy playing Ludo (I know countless thought it to be Golu, however i have actually seen it twice to check it was another kid, mental the one who"s still the same period after 7 years. The was that kid.)
Again a small little family members moment was lovely, the way Sona cutely confirm Soha"s fever. Dev"s taunt and also Soha all excited to obtain the super powers.
Once the children leave the room because that the bonfire... There was part awkward silence between DevAkshi... They were no fighting anymore... Slowly however steadily, things are transforming between them. Sona is loving the reality that Dev is placing in initiatives to victory Soha"s heart and also trying to come to be a an excellent father. Meanwhile Dev as well is acknowledging the reality that Sona is letting him invest time through Suhana. Slowly, but Suhana is happen in the much needed change in DevAkshi"s relationship. The bitterness is fading away. All said and done the outer hate mask is slipping off.
And finally the Dumb Charades video game starts and Ex-GKB and also her red are earlier with their chotusa dimaag and also usse bhi choti tricks... Favor seriously GKB, girlfriend couldn"t think of something better. BTW, thanku so lot for proving that Vicky is your child. Do you also relaise there are an ext people in the camp together with Dev and half of castle are little children consisting of Golu... Thoda to dimaag laga lete. Anyways, dimag and Ex-Gkb - Vicky is an unrealistic combination.

BTW, ns feel this line trick will certainly backfire for the mother-son duo and also will work-related in donate of Dev. Looking forward to the illustration today.
Precap: The Dumb Charades game in between DevAkshi... Dev gift Saru... But as soon as Sona acquired excited as soon as he guessed the movie correct and said "YES ns LOVE YOU"... Suddenly both of them realises what simply happened and also the expressions automatically changes... Suhana is supremely happy looking at she parents.
I to be in love with the precap...!!! The things are finally transforming for good... Castle are ultimately going to it is in cordial to every other...!!!
Again one entertaining episode... Yet i to let go Golu a lot yesterday... Our cute tiny Golu Molu chick magnet was just there in the rain sequence and then in ~ the end during bonfire...!!! however the best component is most parts that the episodes this days have actually DevAkshi-Soha-Golu... My 4 favorites... Don"t desire this summer camp come end... This came as a relief because that the fans.

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It was such a feel good episode and also i"m loving just how Soha and also Golu, a brand-new pair that Devakshi shippers, are bringing around a slow yet steady readjust in Devakshi"s partnership equation!
I also loved d epi... Sab kuch badhiya tha... Love ur evaluation too... Eeekkksss... Lemme gv u a hug

I havent viewed the episodes...but i would certainly have appreciated this scenes only if they would certainly have shown for persons dev agree his nd his issueworries mistake in spoiling his married life quite then blaming sona because that his mothers deeds..!!!
Dont suppose anything an excellent from dixits family yet just dev accepting his failure is sufficient for me...!!!!
Although i dont desire sona and dev to be together...i understand its not feasible in indian serial love stories..!!!!
So i wont it is in able enjoy existing scenes the dev and sona until dev accepts his and specially issueworries mistakes
beautiful short article jyothi..i too delighted in the episode it was so for this reason nice..loved it ns think this summer camp is much needed because that devakshi and soha to get in addition to each other i to be eagerly wait to witness some transforms in the dynamics the devakshi ~ this SC

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