Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is an stillproud.orgn tv serial currently being aired on Sony TV, Sony TV Asia and ARY Zindagi. The show had that is pilot top top 29 February 2016. The fiction serial spans the elaborate relationship in between a mother and her son and also how its transforms as soon as a woman enters the son"s life. The display features Shaheer Sheikh, Erica Fernandes and also Supria Pilgaonkar in the lead functions of Dev Dixit, Sonakshi Bose. The show also airs in Indonesia due to Sheikhs"s popular in the country, the present is likewise dubbed in Bahasa and airs on ANTV. The show started through the development of Dev Dixit that is a successful businessman who lives with his mother Ishwari Devi played by Supriya. The mother and son have a loving connection where the child dotes ~ above his mommy while the mommy is proud of the success she son has gathered. She also is a committed mother and has struggled in her life come ensure his success. He additionally has 3 sisters Neha, Nikki and also Riya, his uncle and aunt. His life is turned once Dr. Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) beginning his life. As a nutritionist the his mother, Sonakshi bring life into Dev"s boring schedule. They become friends yet he is no able to recognize his feelings because that Sonakshi. Ishwari in the meanwhile sets up Dev"s marriage with a effective businessmans daughter Natasha. The is throughout his courtship with Natasha the he involves realize and also acknowledges his love because that Sonakshi. They begin seeing each other without informing anyone. Soon Isshwari realizes the relationship and agree to it. Though she is really unhappy through the alliance, but. She starts emotion left out and also goes into depression and also overdoses on sleeping pills. Dev saves his mother yet is rattled by the prospect of losing his mother. Through a heavy heart he division up his relationship with Sonakshi who is terribly pains by his decision. The decision brings a the majority of heart break for both that them and Sonakshi made decision to relocate on by leaving the job. Her family asks her to tie the knot with one more man in order come forget around Dev. She meets Dr. Ritwik that is a sensible man and accepts Sonakshi"s past. Yet Dev is no able to acquire over the relationship that soon. His maternal uncle asks him to strike a balance and also go ~ the woman he loves. In his passion he goes come Sonakshi"s engagement ceremony and creates a scene which leader to the cancelling the Sonakshi"s engagement. Iswari realizes that she is looking her kid in the process and agrees come the alliance. The show was fairly well received as result of the excellent chemistry mutual by the lead protagonist. This is likewise the first time Supriya in a grey character. Over there are numerous facets of she personality that are in contrast to she rather well known portrayal the a love mother and also dutiful wife. The present though themed top top the exact same lines the love hate relationships has readily available a brand-new perspective to the operation of the mill saas bahu sagas, reflecting the chaos of a mother when she is faced with the possibility of loosinglosing the attention of her just son. The display took time to acquire popularity however soon was doing well in TRPs and also continues to operation on element time ~ above Sony Channel. The show additionally casts Ekroop Bedi together Tina (Devs Secretary) who was later replaced through Anju Jadhav, Prerna Panwar together Elena Sonakshi"s Cousin, Moon Banerjee together Asha Bose (Snakshis mother), Alpesh Dhakan as Sonakshis dad Bijoy Bose and Mushtaq khan as Dev"s uncle. Other members of the cast include Aashika Bhatia together Nikki Dixit, Ankita Bahuguna as Riya Dixit, Chestha Bhagat as Neha Dixit, Arjun Aneja as Ranveer, Neha"s husband, Geeta Saroha together Ranveer"s sister-in-law, Alka Mogha as Radha Rani, Vaibhav sink as Vicky, Vishesh Bansal as Young Devrath Dixit, Mohit Sinha together Bunty, Hemant Choudhary as Dr. Sinha, Roop Durgapal together Natasha Gujral, Pawan Chopra as Mr. Gujral, Udit Gaur together Neil Lakhotia, Jay sony as Dr. Ritwick Sen, Pankaj Kalra together Mr. Sen. The present was nominated because that Zee yellow Awards in 2016 for finest Television Show and also Supriya Pilgaonkar was nominated for ideal Actor in Supporting duty while Erica Fernandes was also nominated for finest actor female and also for best On screen Jodi.

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The show additionally got Shaheer Sheikh the Star that the Year compensation in Asiavision Asia vision Awards for 2016 because that his performance. The present airs indigenous Monday come Friday top top Sony TV at 9:30 pm.