Laganja Estranja auditions ~ above So friend Think You can Dance season 15"s premiere. (Photo by Adam Rose/FOX)
Andy Dehnart

What to be a pretty typical premiere and audition episode forSo girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance had two surprises:RuPaul’s drag Race season six contestant Laganja Estranja auditioned, and also Nigel Lythgoe didn’t freak out.

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During the SYTYCD season 15 premiere, Laganja Estranjaintroduced it s her at “Miss Estranja,” excluding her marijuana-referencing an initial name.In an evident reference to her stunning dress, Nigel asked, “Have you been wearing this outfit every day?”

“We can’t wait to see you dance right now,” Nigel said, and then ~ the performance, began the critiques through this:

“You made my eye water 3 times in the routine. The first one was the shablam, the 2nd was the sort of jump break-up to the back”—”I speak to it a donkey kick,” Laganja said—”and climate the flying split jump.You will absolutely make an influence on this program, for sure. I’m not certain it’s walk to be going come the academy, though.”

“You come back with an ext tools under there,” mar Murphy said.

“The strength and courage through which you stand for yourself and also represent your ar is 2nd to none, and also that, I’m an extremely proud of girlfriend for,” guest judge Stephen “tWitch” boss said. “Now, as soon as we start putting you versus other dancers, the jazz wasn’t the strong.”

While Nigel voted no, Vanessa Hudgens poll yes, and tWitch stated yes after miss out on Estranja stated she was able to do other styles, too. After some encouragement, mary Murphy to poll yes too (“It’s crazy, but I’m crazy. It’s a yes.”)

Watch the audition:

After the audition, Laganja hugged Nigel and said, “Get ready: I’m coming for you, Nigel.”

According come the traction Race chronicler in my life room, Laganja exited the auditorium v a call-back to the very same she thing she stated walking right into the RuPaul’s traction Raceseason 6 workroom. “Come on season 15 the So you Think You have the right to Dance! Let’s gain sickening,” she yelled, and then did a death drop.

WhenNigel voted no, he referred to Laganja by her performer’s first name, “Jay,” his just misstep. (The show’s official YouTube page did location the video “Jay Jackson demands The Stage”).

I proper noticed since I was so proud of Nigel for not freaking out about a performance that tested gender norms.

You might recall the it to be a decade ago that Nigel claimed in one interview, “What i don’t like on the run show, to it is in frank, iseffeminate boys the mince roughly the stage. I don’t care if they’re happy or straight.”

A year later,he comment poorly as soon as two men danced together.He said, amongst other things, “I’m certainly one of those human being that really like to see men be guys and girls be girl on stage.”

He later said that regretted his indigenous choices, but defended his rejection of effeminate men.

Tonight on SYTYCD, a guy who talked about embracing his femininity (“When I fully embraced the yes, ns am a feminine male, I placed on drag for the an initial time ever.”) later danced top top the stage dressed in drag and Nigel didn’t freak out. That’s growth—or at the really least, substantial contrast indigenous what taken place repeatedly 10 years ago.


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