Technology significant Lenovo ~ above Thursday, it said it was substantially strengthening India’s regional manufacturing capacity across product category such together PCs, notebooks and also smartphones to satisfy increasing client demand. The company did no disclose its investment, yet said Lenovo has increased to all organization lines in India, including PCs and also smart devices, smartphones and infrastructure solutions, especially the newly created services and also solution groups.

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Lenovo In partnership with Wingtech an innovation in Tilpati, Andhra Pradesh, us have increased our PC manufacturing plant in Puducherry and added a third production line. In addition, Motorola (Lenovo group company) smartphones are currently manufactured in your ar in partnership v Dixon innovations in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, the explain said. “These campaigns reinforce Lenovo’s commitment to the government’s vision of’Atma Nirbhar Bharat.’ In addition, Lenovo’s global manufacturing and supply chain strategy serves customers in 180 sectors from more than 30 production locations about the world, consisting of Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico and the unified States. Forming a part of. “Added.

According come IDC, the total PC market in India is intended to grow from 10 million systems in 2020 to over 15 million units by 2022. Complete sales for all Lenovo group businesses in India were around US $ 462 million in the closing quarter. Top top June 30, 2021, it confirmed a year-on-year expansion of 31.3%. The statement states that Tilpati’s facility at this time manufactures a wide selection of Lenovo tablet computers that meet the needs of consumers, educators and students, and the requirements of dedicated features such as retail, manufacturing and also healthcare.

The Lenovo Puducherry plant, i m sorry has been in operation because 1999, to be previously increased to incorporate Lenovo’s renowned ones. IdeaPad Notebook computer from its customer portfolio. Through the addition of a 3rd production line, the facility has begun manufacturing products across Lenovo’s consumer and also commercial range, including desktops, notebooks and also workstations, the explain said. Increase.

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This mirrors a 100% increase in capacity contrasted to the previous year. “Lenovo has invested greatly in basic automation and also digitization come ensure one efficient and also seamless manufacturing process. There is additionally a common test area ~ above the usual packaging line with all products. This extension enables all assets to have actually their very own configuration and test methods. ” MotorolaLenovo’s group firm was among the very first companies to job-related on the PLI (Production connected Incentive) program introduced by the federal government of India. In partnership v Dixon, we have actually manufactured nearly 100% the smartphones for Indian customers and have begun exporting come some adjacent markets.

To assistance these local manufacturing initiatives, Lenovo has also invested in hiring and also building skills, with an ext than 1,500 direct and indirect employees at this time working in this three manufacturing plants. Lenovo India’s managing Director, Shirendra Katyal, said:

Through his business, he added, the firm aims to produce employment and skills-building opportunities and also bring its advanced and sustainable manufacturing an innovation to India.

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