Concert 1 October 11, 2018A Musical heritage – indigenous Mozart come Bernstein

Overture come Candide Leonard Bernstein

The Young who Guide to the OrchestraBenjamin Britten

Symphony No. 40 in G MinorWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Gene Dowdy, Conductor & imaginative Director

Dear Symphony that the Hills’ Friends,

Our an initial concert of the 2018-19 season is specialized to the magnificent musical tradition that arisen from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart, Beethoven, and also Brahms room the pillars of western European orchestral music. Your magnificent music is rarely in that their relatively few works have actually stood the check of time. Composers of the 20th Century continued their heritage with a flurry of imaginative excellence from all over the world. As more music is written, true masterworks end up being rare gems. 2018 is the 100th anniversary the the bear of Leonard Bernstein, the biggest American composer/conductor in our country history. He was the an initial American conductor come receive an international acclaim. His functions for the stage, such as his opera Candide, to be his many successful compositions. Bernstein was also a passionate advocate and presenter of young people’s concerts. He introduced a generation of americans to an excellent composers and also music. And, for the evening performance, you will certainly be amazed in ~ the wonderful vocal talent of neighborhood soprano Haley Dove Montoya, who will song the fabulous opera “Glitter and also be gay” native Bernstein’s Candide.

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together you might know, we carry out our an initial concert this season two additional times for the youth the the Hill country community. We room featuring one more famous 20th century composer, the English composer Benjamin Britten. He, choose Bernstein, to be interested in presenting orchestral music come young people, and his work, The Young Person’s overview to the Orchestra is played anywhere the people with various narrations. W.A. Mozart, may be the many talented and certainly the most often performed composer in history, elevated the symphony genre to brand-new technical and dramatic heights. This concert closes with one of Mozart’s greatest and latest symphonies, the good G minor Symphony number 40. I look front to see you all in the beautiful Cailloux theatre on October 11.

With sincere evaluation for her support,

Gene DowdyConductor & artistic Director

Concert Notes

During this year, plenty of orchestras transparent the human being will celebrate the 100th date of birth anniversary that Leonard Bernstein (Burn’-styne,) a composer and orchestra manager of an international renown. Indeed, Bernstein is widely considered to it is in “one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musician in American history.” Besides worldwide popularity that the music that he composed, he achieved acclaim for his sterling leadership of the brand-new York Philharmonic orchestra over numerous decades.


Overture to CandideLeonard Bernstein (1918 – 1990)

Leonard Bernstein was both a brilliant, charismatic composer and a conductor with distinctive interpretive skills. He to be a visionary, and also an inclusive teacher who was totally accessible to every regardless that his fame. He to be profoundly respected and also loved everywhere the world, together demonstrated by the more than 2000 publicized international events this year to respect his legacy. His compositions to be of wide-ranging genres between classical purism and also the Broadway stage, most of which were wildly successful. He was a lovely fixture in significant concert halls in the U. S. And also Europe, and also countries as culturally varied as Japan, China, India, the middle East and South America. His compositions to be also large ranging, experimenting the psychic damage of WWII, the tragedy of gang warfare and also the evils of bigotry. Candide to be conceived in protest versus 1950’s McCarthyism.

Leonard was born luigi Bernstein in Lawrence, Massachusetts, come Jennie (née Resnick) and Samuel Joseph Bernstein, a hairdressing provides wholesaler and also respected hair stylist who pertained to the U. S. Indigenous Rovno (now Ukraine). Early on, louis was well-known to everyone as Lenny. (He adjusted his name officially to Leonard together a teenager.) The family in i m sorry Leonard thrived up had actually no musical roots yet ten-year old Lenny was attracted obsessively come his Aunt Clara’s piano. As per the normal situation, Samuel was vehemently protest to his son’s musical pursuits, but Leonard was hooked. For all his misgivings, Samuel later conceded the his son was a genius. After graduation native Boston Latin institution in 1935, Bernstein to visit Harvard University, whereby he studied music. Bernstein’s key intellectual overview at Harvard was most likely his aesthetics Professor David Prall, whose approach on the art Bernstein mutual for the remainder of his life.

Although not an especially well got at its 1956 premiere, Bernstein’s Overture come Candide has actually now become a favorite. That is specifically popular among major music colleges as suitable model to utilize in student advancement because the the quality of the music and the methods it affords come budding performers.

For those that you who didn’t take ideology in school or slept through the classes, Candide is one 18th century novella created by the French thinker Voltaire. It to be a satire taking the protagonist Candide native his sheltered, idyllic way of life through disillusionment and despair during which that witnesses good hardship in the world. Even after being banished from his homeland, recorded by Bulgarians, beaten and also left because that dead through the Spanish Inquisition, robbed of everything he owns, and torn repeatedly from the woman he loves, Candide tho clings come the approach that everything is because that the best in this, “the best of all feasible worlds.” Voltaire allegorically ridicules religion, theologians, governments, armies, philosophies, and also philosophers together the story unfolds. One can wonder how anyone could make an overture native that. Here’s the story:

The beat Candide, as initially conceived by Lillian Hellman, was substantially admired by Bernstein, that was influenced to create the overture for it. After ~ a successful first concert power in 1957 (by the brand-new York Philharmonic led by Bernstein,) it quickly became popular and was perform by nearly 100 various other orchestras in ~ the next two years.

The overture is peppy and also certainly reflective the a joyful mood. Much of the music is written gradually signatures such as 6/4 and also 3/2, which are combined with various other tempos in a rapid, continuous switching the the beat. While plenty of orchestrations that the overture exist, in its existing most popular form it incorporates transforms made by Bernstein in 1989. The has come to be one that the most typically performed orchestral compositions by a 20th century American composer.

The Young Person’s overview to the OrchestraBenjamin Britten (1913 – 1976)

Born in Suffolk, England, the child of a dentist, Benjamin Britten exhibited musical talent at very early age. After finishing his research studies at the royal College the Music, Britten concerned public attention with the a cappella choral work A boy was Born in 1934. End the following 3 decades he composed 14 operas, creating himself as a notable 20th-century composer in that genre. He composed several massive operas for important London theaters and “chamber operas” for power in venues of usually size. Amongst the ideal known of these is The rotate of the Screw (1954). Recurring themes in Britten’s operas reflect the struggle of one outsider against a hostile society and the corruption of innocence.

Britten’s works variety from orchestral- to choral-, solo vocal-, chamber- and also instrumental- compositions as well as film scores. He had actually a distinct interest in creating music for children and amateur performers. Among Britten’s best-known orchestral functions is The Young Person’s guide to the Orchestra (1945). This composition, based upon a layout by Purcell, showcases the orchestra’s individual sections and groups; it got widespread popular from the outset. Critics have called the occupational “exuberant and also uncomplicated music, scored with clarity and vigor’” and “a brilliant educational exercise.” the perfect for the Children’s concerts which to be performed by the SoH yesterday for all the third and 4th grade student in Kerrville and also surrounding communities

Symphony No. 40 in G MinorWolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Born to a musical family in Salzburg, Mozart, while still an infant, prove an particularly aptitude because that music composition and performance. Already competent top top keyboard and also violin at age five, he composed and performed prior to European nobility at that age under the rigorous supervision the Leopold Mozart, his father. Together performances continued through Wolfgang’s developmental years and were vital source of family members income. At age 17, Mozart was involved as a musician at the Salzburg court.

Mozart was a prolific composer, having been credited with end 600 works, countless acknowledged as superlative instances of symphonic, concertante, chamber, operatic, and choral music. He created 41 symphonies, the an initial when he to be eight year old. It is probable the his father, that encouraged, guided and also tutored Wolfgang, also transcribed many of his first symphony.

In the period 1782 – 1783, Mozart came to be acquainted through the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederik Handel native an acquaintance who owned many manuscripts of these Baroque masters. Mozart’s examine of these scores motivated some of his compositions in the Baroque style and later influenced his music expression as reflected in dice Zauberflöte (“The Magic Flute”) and also the finale that Symphony No. 41.

Although a human body of occupational by Mozart remained in the Baroque style, the overarching traits of his music in modern-day parlance would certainly be taken into consideration quintessential Classical, an advancement from the Baroque.

Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 is a monumental work, one that he more than likely never heard perform by an orchestra. This work has elicited varying interpretations from critics. Robert Schumann related to it together possessing “Grecian lightness and grace.” A most usual perception this particular day is the the symphony is disastrous in tone and intensely emotional; it has actually been called “a job-related of passion, violence, and also grief”. Back interpretations differ, the symphony is unquestionably among Mozart’s most substantially admired works, and is frequently performed and also recorded. Beethoven knew the symphony well, copying out 29 bars indigenous the score in one of his sketchbooks, which also appear amid the sketches because that Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

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The cause of Mozart’s fatality has attained superordinary status, v plenty that conjecture. The official record has actually it as “severe miliary fever”, because of a rashes looking like millet particle he emerged shortly prior to his death. Researchers have posited at least 118 reasons of death; the most recent conjecture reported (in National geographical last year) is that he had a streptococcal epidemic that almost certainly led to cardiac events and also potential kidney failure.