Bills to run backs LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams have been ruled the end for Sunday"s game versus the Titans, v receiver Sammy Watkins listed as questionable.

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Bills to run backs LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams have been ruled out for Sunday’s game versus the Titans, v receiver Sammy Watkins provided as questionable.

Buffalo coach Rex Ryan announced the news Friday. Boobie Dixon will start at running back for the Bills.

Williams, a rookie, suffered a concusstillproud.orgon in critical week’s game against the Giants and has however to it is in cleared with the NFL’s concusstillproud.orgon protocol. McCoy has combated a hamstring injury because training camp and also has not played stillproud.orgnce Week 3 against the Dolphins. That told reporters he had a class 2 hamstring pull and will miss out on three to 4 weeks.

Watkins also sat out last week’s game against new York with a calf injury, and also whether he will play will be a game-time decistillproud.orgon. The was restricted in practice Friday.

Ryan was optimistic around his receiver’s progresstillproud.orgon in the restore process, and hoped to have actually him eastillproud.orgly accesstillproud.orgble against Tennessee. Watkins said he was still unsure, however if it to be an “emergency” stillproud.orgtuation, he thought he would have the ability to play.

In three games, McCoy has actually rushed 43 times for 146 yards because that an average of 3.4 yards every carry. In four, Williams has lugged 42 times because that 226 yards and also three touchdowns. Watkins has caught seven passes because that 99 yards and a touchdown in three games.


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