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Young Maine for PresidentI'll probably paint the White home black if it was my residenceBush back in office, part niggas feeling that's irrelevantCause they tho pedalin' this medicine, however anyway, anydayI have the right to zurk off quick and make mine semi spraySend few of my guys away just to blow your males awayStephon Marbury form bullets, they like the penetrateYoung Money, us outta school, yet we gained chemistryYoung Spitta, Young Maine, Young Cop, Young Mobb, Tez PoeWe don't pass the rock nigga, we sphere hogMad slow in the Escalade nigga, y'all every fallJack her fresh ass Caddy and steal her white wallsNigga, we don't choose y'allHell yeah, we will certainly fight y'allWe ain't top top no Tyson shitWe ain't tryna' bite y'allKnuckin' if girlfriend buckin', most likely bustin' at your cousinHow youngins' that spout somethingY'all niggas ain't 'bout nothin'Nigga we bussin', and bussin', to the bang of bussNo, we don't run for the Olympics, however the flame with usI got that tussin', the scummy, and that angel dustSo choose your high, I will certainly supply and correct changes, what's upWe bring the bussin', we bussin' prefer this thang because that usYou niggas is sleeveless man, girlfriend can't hang with usI acquired a bitch who speak SpanglishShe save her bangles danglin'And the cocaine is appropriate up in she anusOld Wayne is right up in the spot wherein he supposed toBe, acquired Hova at the game and also now he coachin'Me, but I've to be the champion, happy as I ever beenLampin' in the Hamptons like, what the fuck is a hammockThe chef up in the kitchen like, what the posesthe is a sammichI'm like, we gotta discover middle ground, we need balanceChallenge me, the be to my advantageI'm outstanding, like standing outside up in the twister and also walking no damagedStanding external up in the blizzard and walking hot handedServing nicklebags in Iraq, gambling I will not panicSwerve the nickel black, if ns wreck, gambling I will certainly not panicCop another one the next day and drive the crazierThe seats will be lazier, shit'll be gravierNina Sarafeena my girl, so then i baby herWavin' at her at 2 crazy, Fugazis, I'm too brazen, 3 brazees deepWe got .380s and also P809s, 9s, M-10ss and also M1s and 12 gaugesShell cases, money put up because that jail cases, bail make itMy momma say, tuck your chain son, they'll take it itI hit she with among them stale faces, likeI'll be damned momma, they know who ns am mommaI'm still your small boy, yet to them, I'm the man mommaFuck through your boy, male Hollygrove the hood, niggaThrow that in your face 'til you gain that understood
Niggas understand I'm heavy with the coke, v the cokeIn the Impala SS and sittin' heavy on the spokesNever to be I damaged man, I'm playin with some changeI gain a nigga soaked favor he playing in the rainAnd all over I go, a ho starin' at my chainI'm the most valuable player in the gameAll these haters wanna ride meCause i got an ext kicks than niggas with black belts in karateKeep a redbone v a actual nice bodyJust copped a 'Lac and a yellow MaseratiNiggas ain't fuckin with the dawgWhen Young Money shoppin', us don't leaving nothing in the mallThese niggas ain't as rich as usMan your rims too small, obtain your motherfucking customs upCause i copped me a Benz todayJust to walk on 106 & Park and hand the secrets over to complimentary and AJYeah