For everyone wondering, the original LC bomb didn't occupational at all. The practical version offered everyone in the city a an adverse level, which for the 1 HD commoners to reduce them to 0 and turned lock into very lethal undead, the which i can't psychic the surname of. I regulated to make it come virtual by 5th level

By default, creatures eliminated by an unfavorable levels increase the following evening as wights, which room CR 3 undead v 4 HD and the capacity to make more wights that rise in 1d4 rounds. This variation of the locate city bomb would start a full-blown undead apocalypse.

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Alright, I must use this as a plot suggest now.

I constructed it because that an elder angry campaign. The key premise to be the big bad to be trying come use an old spell to death a bunch of human being in bespeak to draw the attention of some various other entity, but it had a huge drawback and also I figured I could do better

I mean, spawning possibly tens of thousands of wights in a metropolitan area might kill way more civilization than simply that one city. If the score is just to obtain a yes, really high human body count, ns don't see exactly how this is a drawback.

Yeah, this is what I developed to be a much better spell. The various other killed, like, a pair thousand in ~ most. No to point out I could cast a couple of this a day without limit

See, locate city is far an ext devastating when supplied this method than proclaimed here, due to the fact that it has a radius that 10 miles per level. This means that at greater levels that is much more than country ending. Since it will acquire to a diameter of as much as 500 miles provided that you deserve to be treated together a greater level for casting spells. This method that every creature with 1 hit die in that area will certainly die and also be raised as a wight. The will finish a nation if not whole continent.

10 mile is the size of about 32186.8 'Logitech Wireless keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other

See, no, that's completely wrong in every way. That's it's range, not its aoe. It's aoe is limited to just that city and also everything in it

In 3.5, one of the resource books included a 3rd level spell well-known as "locate city", which might give friend info and also direction around the nearest city within her specifications. Yet for some ungodly reason, it didn't have a me target, like many divination spells, but a one area, definition it in reality targeted the city.

In 3.5, Metamagic worked means differently 보다 it walk now. Through the best ones included on, you might cover the entire city in a great of frost, and also give everyone within the a negative level. In 3.5, if you had actually enough an adverse levels to drop her level to 0, you automatically died, and also as a commenter said below, girlfriend raise together a Wight in ~ the next evening. And also since commoners are only level one, you deserve to target a city the millions and wipe that out, leaving a substantial undead hoard to take it out any kind of stragglers before they relocate on and continue the brand-new apocalypse


u/LarannaAug 15 "21

And the is why the worst thing on the metamagic/wild magic table is a grease spell and also fireball centered on the caster.

Who the fuck think of these damned things?!


u/BonsineAug 15 "21

Oh, don't gain me wrong, LC bomb was way out there. It's specifically because LC had an aoe of whole city, no matter exactly how big, that these problems arouse. The wouldn't reason anywhere near this lot of difficulties in normal play


u/LarannaAug 15 "21

So this is greentext? Hypotheticals that world only cooked up and have never actually done in game


u/BonsineAug 15 "21

It works in game, yet when have actually you ever needed to kill an entire populace the innocents? I'm sorry ns don't use my understanding for evil


u/BonsineAug 15 "21

To include onto this, a theoretical construct stays theoretical due to the fact that it's not fun to play in ~ a table v one, whether as yours or someone else's. I had actually designed a variation that to be a functional, decent caster the could help the party, while quiet bringing the bomb online as early on as possible. The moment I cast that spell? Whole project goes come shit. I developed it for a specific campaign in a book where it wouldn't fuck increase the game, and I've had no reason to play that since. Not to point out the moral implications, which might make some players feel uncomfortable.

We push the rules to your absolute limits to understand them better, no to ruin the game. Pray you never ever play with someone that desires to pat one, rather of keeping it a "green text", inaccurate term btw


u/Cheap-Depth5650Aug 15 "21

Do explain


u/azrendelmareTeam SorcererAug 15 "21

In 3.5, one of the source books added a 3rd level spell recognized as "locate city", which could give friend info and direction around the nearest city within her specifications. However for some ungodly reason, that didn't have actually a self target, like many divination spells, yet a circular area, an interpretation it actually targeted the city.

In 3.5, Metamagic worked method differently than it walk now. With the best ones included on, you could cover the entire city in a class of frost, and give anyone within it a negative level. In 3.5, if you had actually enough negative levels come drop your level come 0, you automatically died, and also as a commenter said below, you raise together a Wight in ~ the following evening. And since commoners are just level one, you have the right to target a city that millions and also wipe that out, leaving a substantial undead hoard to take it out any kind of stragglers before they move on and continue the brand-new apocalypse

u/Bonsine's post, not mine.


u/Silver_Warlock13ArtificerAug 14 "21

Anyone treatment to explain?


u/SherbamAug 14 "21

Step 1: take a book.

Step 2 cast Glyph the Warding through the prerequisite the someone opening the book and also store a fireball top top the glyph. Repeat this because that every page of the book.

Step 3: give to part sorry sod and watch the results.

If i recall it have the right to on average do something choose 5k damage.


u/nickipedia45Aug 14 "21

In 5e, glyph of warding can not be moved an ext than 10 feet from whereby it was cast.


u/useles-converter-botAug 14 "21

10 feet is about the length of 4.53 'EuroGraphics Knittin' Kittens 500-Piece Puzzles' beside each other


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u/DiscordialDeityAug 14 "21

You have the right to make the glyphs when the publication is in a pocket measurement I.e. A bag of hold or Rope Trick and then use it at her convenience, due to the fact that moving the enntrance gate to a pocket measurement doesn't count as the dimension, and therefore the book, moving.


u/nickipedia45Aug 14 "21edited Aug 14 "21

Then girlfriend can’t execute the point OP to be describing.

Edit: once the book leaves the bag it has actually travelled an infinite amount of street from the demiplane to the material plane.


u/finalbeginning96Dart master Aug 14 "21

I had actually a player perform this to me once. I gave them a couple months of under time to help a city prepare because that a siege, and also brought them back to hit the BBEG in a huge final showdown. The wizard used this precise strategy come instantly damage the BBEG and also most that his generals. Come be specific with just how they traction it off, they offered disguise self to show up like one of the minions in the siege, climate approached the BBEG with a couple hundred page book, pulled out of an inconspicuous bag, claiming the was part fanart that they wanted the BBEG to have, climate walked turn off to get back to work. A pair minutes later, and also pop goes the weasel. Rolled up damage (it took virtually 5 minute to roll it every up through physical dice) and also the BBEG and all his generals (except one adult red Dragon that confirmed up ~ the gifting of the book) passed away instantly.


u/JulienBrightsideAug 15 "21

(except one adult red Dragon that verified up after the gifting that the book)

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late, you won't believe the lot of website traffic I had to deal with..."



u/Kage_DCLXVIWarlockAug 15 "21

“Is this a poor time?”


u/I_am_doorAug 15 "21

"I'll... I'll just head... Earlier home ns guess."


u/finalbeginning96Dart master Aug 15 "21

The Dragon had actually been scouting at the time


u/OrderOfMagnitudeAug 15 "21

Be honest, the adult red dragon didn't exist prior to the explosion, go it?


u/finalbeginning96Dart grasp Aug 15 "21

No it did. It was a recurring adversary throughout the campaign that the party consistently failed to end up off. After the nuke, i made that the BBEG by having it i think command that the former BBEGs pressures in their entirety and also eventually coming to be a an effective Dracolitch the was the last boss.


u/ArmyOfRAug 15 "21

Good old DM flexibility. Love to check out it.


u/finalbeginning96Dart understand Aug 15 "21

Probably mu best strength as a DM.


u/Cur1337Aug 15 "21

Honestly I simply wouldn't let them actors it on multiple pages that the exact same book. Order triggers imo are reasonably simple and I would certainly imagine the the web page opening and closing could really easily reason the spell come trigger.


u/finalbeginning96Dart grasp Aug 15 "21

Nowadays i wouldn't permit that, saying the publication is one object, however this team was by much my many clever and also this was kind of their thing.

I would certainly however, allow someone to cast it on a bunch of loosened pages then rotate those pages into a book for the same effect.


u/Cur1337Aug 15 "21

But the cause in that instance wouldn't exist when you actors the spell on the pages


u/finalbeginning96Dart understand Aug 15 "21

The trigger is "another magic user emotional the page" together the very same player placed it in the next campaign, and I have to be honest, i am a sucker for clever ideas and also wording come make things go boom.

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u/Taggerung179Aug 15 "21

Thats the exciting thing around pocket planes and also distance thought. I'd say the the activity in a higher dimension (2D because that distance and also 3D+ for relocating from pocket to typical space) wouldn't be registered as extra motion as changing from one aircraft to another isn't precisely measurable in standard feet.

Think around it this way. You have actually a 10 foot string in a bag that holding. Relocating the bag itself doesn't move its contents as it those room technically in an additional plane. However, when you take one end of the string the end of the bag, it would certainly not require any kind of extra space to cross the threshold. Yet now if you move the string, or relocate the bag with the string fully or partly out thing would start to gain interesting.

If you continue to pull the string, at some point you will pull the taught, with component of the distance both in and out of the bag, totalling come 10 feet. Proceeding to move the string will break it and also in context to the glyph the warding, it would certainly pass that limit.

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If you take it the string partway out of the bag and attached it to a surface, then moved the bag, ultimately , ~ a an unified 10 feet the string would go taunt climate break if taken further. V this us are likewise assuming that the general closing that the bag itself as to not break the string, or invalid the distance for the glyph the warding.

Now the most exciting one of points would it is in if the string to be taken out of the bag and also then the bag ceased to function, either be physical destruction or wonder decomposition. Due to the fact that the within of the bag doesn't exist in 'realspace,' what would happen to that string and connection? There would be no standard number to quantify that new distance, as even infinity wouldn't job-related as a mundane measure of the street now. If placed to a calculator the would display screen much like an effort to divide by 0. Math aside, the most interesting question would certainly be 'What happens to the glyph that warding?'

Honestly? that depends. The error can overload and fail violently. It might simply fail as if it traveled an ext than 10 feet, or something rather entirely. Ask her DM. In the event that you room the DM, its as much as you, however make that cool