1 behold  (archaic) check, inspect out  (informal) clock  (Brit. Slang) consider, contemplate, examine, eye, eyeball  (U.S. Slang) feast one"s eye upon, gaze, obtain a fill of  (informal) glance, inspect, observe, peep, recce  (slang) regard, scan, scrutinize, see, study, survey, take it a dekko at  (Brit. Slang) take a gander at  (informal) view, watch 

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2 appear, display, evidence, exhibit, look like, make clear, manifest, present, seem, seem to be, show, to win one as 
7 look like  be the photo of, favour, do one think of, placed one in psychic of, remind one of, resemble, take after   n 

8 butcher"s  (Brit. Slang) examination, eyeful  (informal) gander  (informal) gaze, glance, glimpse, inspection, look-see  (slang) observation, once-over  (informal) peek, recce  (slang) review, shufti  (Brit. Slang) sight, squint  (informal) survey, view 
9 air, appearance, aspect, bearing, cast, complexion, countenance, demeanour, effect, expression, face, fashion, guise, manner, mien  (literary) semblance 
look after 
 attend to, treatment for, guard, save an eye on, mind, nurse, protect, sit with, supervise, take care of, take fee of, tend, watch 
look under on 
 , upon contemn, despise, disdain, hold in contempt, look under one"s sleep at  (informal) misprize, scorn, sneer, spurn, treat with contempt, rotate one"s nose up (at)  (informal) 
look forward to 
 anticipate, await, count on, counting the job until, expect, hope for, long for, watch for, collection one"s heart on, wait for 
look into 
 check out, delve into, examine, explore, monitor up, go into, inquire about, inspect, investigate, look at over, do enquiries, do inquiries, probe, research, scrutinize, study 
look out 
 be alert, be careful, be on guard, be on the qui vive, be vigilant, beware, store an eye out, store one"s eyes open, save one"s eyes peeled, store one"s eye skinned, pay attention, watch out 
look over 
 cast one eye over, check, inspect out  (informal) examine, eyeball  (U.S. Slang) flick through, inspect, look at through, monitor, peruse, scan, take it a dekko at  (Brit. Slang) view, work-related over 
2 ameliorate, come along, obtain better, improve, perk up, choose up, progress, form up  (informal) show improvement 
3  (with)  to admire, defer to, esteem, have a high opinion of, honour, for highly, respect, revere 

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