Most people are incredibly busy these days. The human being goes in ~ a breakneck speed and sometimes the is an overwhelming to keep up. So much so that many people hardly have the time to just spend enjoy it the basic things in life anymore!

Not just that, however a consumer-driven society has had actually a propensity to lead many human being to believe that money is one of the most vital things.

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This mindset might manifest chin in a myriad the ways. For instance, some people might feel they aren’t valuable if they don’t do a the majority of money or have the capability to display screen wealth to their neighbors, family, and friends. It’s straightforward to forget that life is about more than money.

In order come validate the require for recognition and admiration, some civilization even travel halfway across the people to holidays in exotic destinations, only to then spend the whole trip taking selfies and also posting them on society media to impress friends! And, sadly, this have the right to keep a traveler from in reality making remarkable memories on their journey by simply enjoying themselves.

When request what he find to it is in the most surprising thing about the civilization in general, the Dalai Lama replied: “Man. Since he sacrifices his health and wellness in stimulate to do money. Climate he sacrifices money to recoup his health. And also then he is so anxious around the future the he does not reap the present; the an outcome being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if the is never ever going to die, and then dies having never yes, really lived.”

The Dalai Lama wasn’t far off in his evaluate of many cultures, societies and people today!

But, through Look Up in ~ the skies Day, the moment has involved pay attention to something other than the rat race going on around the world. It’s time to take it a look at life and also make sure it is actually being lived to the fullest!

History of look at Up in ~ the skies day

The creators that this holiday might remain anonymous, yet their score is very clear: come encourage people to take it a little time to slow down and also appreciate the smaller, more precious things in life.

The list of famous world who have actually been well-known to spend a lot of their time looking at the sky consists of Nicholas Copernicus, the scientist that eventually involved prove that the earth revolved around the sun (and not the other means around as previously thought).

Albert Einstein, the creator of the theory of Relativity, was likewise well-known for looking up in ~ the sky. And also Leonardo da Vinci, that envisioned the first flying machines, invested a great deal that time staring right into the sky and imagining this invention that at some point came true year later.

So, remainder assured, world who select to celebrate this day will it is in in the best company!

How to Celebrate look Up in ~ the sky Day

While spending the entire day simply looking up might eventually come to be a stress, overload on the neck, it’s the idea of enjoy it something the is appropriate in prior of our encounters that counts. Consider these methods to evaluate life and celebrate watch Up in ~ the skies Day:

Look Up!

As the name of this small day suggests, the first order of company is to take part time come look up in ~ the sky! human being often slip right into the habit of taking organic beauty for granted. In fact, many civilization only pay attention to the skies if, say, it happens to it is in raining and also they are annoyed by it.

So, if the weather cooperates, walk ahead and also take a blanket out to the park, simply lay under on it and also gaze upwards because that a while—you’re likely to it is in amazed at just how it transforms depending on wind and other factors.

Get affiliated in Star Gazing

Looking up in ~ the sky have the right to happen throughout the day or in ~ night. People who have a telescope deserve to really get affiliated in feather up in ~ the sky and identifying stars and planets. But even civilization who don’t have a telescope have the right to enjoy gazing in ~ the stars, making out the constellations–and those waiting long enough might even get to watch a shooting star!

Listen come a Sky-Themed Playlist

While spending some time leisurely staring in ~ the sky, it might be good to have a tiny silence and also listen to the birds chirping or the grass growing. Yet some people live in busy, according to places and also would favor a soundtrack come go together with their Sky-Staring Day.

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Of course, many of nature sound playlists exist and would it is in perfect for this day, however others might want a perform of sky-themed song to choose from. Classics or modern, yes something because that everyone that wants shot these out–or come up through other an imaginative ideas because that songs:

Lucy in the sky with Diamonds (1967) by The BeatlesRibbon in the Sky (1982) by Stevie WonderA Sky full of Stars (2014) by ColdplayWe’ve got Blue Skies (1971) by The Jackson 5It come Out of the Sky (1969) by Creedence Clearwater RevivalTo the skies (2010) by Owl CitySpirit in the Sky (1969) by Norman GreenbaumTouch the Sky (2005) by Kanye West

Get in Touch v Nature

Watching bird go around their lives as if nothing of prestige was walking on elsewhere can be a relaxing means to invest time ~ above this day. And also watching planes soaring high over may even administer the needed motivation to take it a trip to some faraway land.

Gazing at the clouds deserve to be a funny activity, relying on the weather. Sometimes, top top a day when the sky is perfect blue and the clouds space fluffy and moving fairly quickly, it deserve to be fun to follow the clouds to check out what various shapes castle morph into. The takes patience, however that’s okay since looking at the sky is the only crucial thing over there is to perform on this day!Look Up at the sky Day was developed to motivate people to see the human being from a various perspective 보다 we generally do, and appreciate the beauty of nature. So, v that in mind, be sure to gain out and also celebrate this day and make your life just a little bit an ext meaningful!