Rebellious Mickey and good-natured Gus navigate the thrills and also agonies of modern relationships in this interlocutor comedy co-created by Judd Apatow.

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Judd Apatow has built a comedy realm with hits favor " Up," " 40-Year-Old Virgin" and also ""
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A possibility meeting at a convenience store draws Mickey and also Gus into a friendship that will test every little thing they know around themselves -- and love.

While recovering from nasty breakups through their exes, Mickey renders a scene at a church and also Gus stumbles into a confusing sex-related encounter.

After Gus actions in to help Mickey the end of a jam, the two finish up ~ above a bizarre odyssey v the highways of L.A.

Gus deals with a make-or-break case at work, when Mickey navigates a dicey brand-new dynamic with her boss.

Mix-ups and meltdowns abound when Mickey invites Gus to a party and comes face-to-face v mistakes from she past.

As Mickey make the efforts to acquire her life ago on track, Gus take away his date with Bertie to hilarious extremes.

A freshly confident Gus turns heads on set, when a mental day in ~ the radio station leaves Mickey feeling reckless.

Gus sets out to dazzle Mickey top top their an initial real date, however the night doesn't go fairly as that planned.

As Mickey frets end the autumn from your date, a new guest shakes points up at Gus's movie night jam session.

Gus gets interesting news at work, yet a surprise visit native Mickey sends the job spiraling in a brand-new direction.

Troubles keep mounting for Gus as he gets a taste the life in the writers' room. Meanwhile, a brand-new crisis pushes Mickey come the break point.

Mickey and Gus confront a whirlwind of brand-new doubts, pitfalls and temptations as they take it their relationship to the next level.

After comes clean come Gus, Mickey tries to head home to decompress. Yet an unexpected rotate of occasions keeps lock out with each other late right into the night.

While Gus heads to a bar through his male friends, a restless Mickey stirs up problem at a dinner party complete of couples.

Mickey make the efforts to assist her job-related buddy Truman out of a difficult situation, and also an on-set accident rattles the "" cast and also crew.

A quiet night transforms trippy when Mickey convinces Gus, Bertie and Randy come sample her leftover psychedelic mushrooms.

On a day of voluntary adventures, Mickey and Gus open up up around their pasts and also begin come let go of their fears.

Big news ~ above the "" set leaves Gus recorded in the center of a family conflict over Arya's future. Mickey grows suspicious of Randy's motives.

While Mickey schmoozes through her new corporate bosses at a radio terminal party, Gus strikes up an unlikely friendship v Dr. Greg.

Gus join Mickey for an outing v her dad however soon realizes the father-daughter dynamic is more complicated than she permit on.

While housesitting in ~ a friend's mansion, Gus and also Mickey hold a "" viewing party. However brewing stress threaten come spoil the fun.

As Gus heads turn off to the set of Arya's action film and Mickey dives into a large project at work, brand-new cracks appear in their relationship.

Mickey bonds with her ex, when Gus renders a no hope bid come patch points up v the film director. Bertie has a revelation.

With Gus earlier home, Mickey realizes she demands to do a decision. But her effort to straighten the end her love life only creates more chaos.

In the last season, Mickey and also Gus battle to curb your self-sabotaging impulses together they take large leaps in their personal and skilled lives.

Randy pressure Mickey, Gus and Bertie into a couples weekend at his cousin's sweet Palm Springs pad. However nothing about the residence is together advertised.

While Mickey rides a tide of great news at work, Gus tries to spread out some cheer roughly the it is too dirty "" collection -- through demoralizing results.

Gus help a stressed-out Arya gear up for a large scene, if Mickey do the efforts to rescue Dr. Greg's terrible book-signing event.

Gus realizes he's dealing with a significant relationship test as soon as Mickey drops sick simply as he's heading out on a fear movie ar tour with friends.

After a disappointing start to her very first birthday in America, Bertie winds increase on one action-packed LA adventure through a kindred spirit.

Gus battles to save the actors and also crew on job as that starts shooting his movie. Mickey sets out to display an old friend she's changed.

When Gus bumps into an ex at a wedding, Mickey realizes there's a lot of she tho doesn't know around his past.

A stunt audition inspires chris to reconnect through Bertie. Dr. Greg begs because that a clues on Stella’s show, and Gus asks Arya because that a favor.

As Gus prepares for his band's very first gig and also a trip earlier home to southern Dakota, Mickey marvels if that time for her to fulfill the Cruikshank clan.

Back in the land of guns, cornhole and pickle wheels, Gus provides a an important relationship blunder. A plumbing crisis turns awkward because that Bertie.

Gus scrambles to avoid Mickey from skipping town prior to his parents' party. Yet the day just yields an ext embarrassing revelations about his past.

As Mickey and Gus think seriously around their future, a spontaneous trip to Catalina Island brings with each other a motley group of your friends.

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Prodded by a girlfriend request, a feckless forty-something recalls his past relationships indigenous the 90s onward, in search of his vanished hopes and also dreams.