Dennis Hof"s Love Ranch Brothel north of Pahrump has actually been close up door down. The Nye County plank of Commissioners voted come permanently revoke Hof"s brothel license on Tuesday.

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Commissioner Lorinda Wichman, that is additionally in fee of the county"s liquor and licensing board, claimed Hof has actually been repetitively late to renew his license and has refuse to resolve health and safety violations at his property.

Earlier this year, the county temporarily exposed operations at the Love Ranch due to the violations.

Sonja Bandolik, a madam on the food selection at the Love Ranch, claimed she trust Nye County has actually been targeting Hof because of his project for Nevada State Assembly.

"All they"re law is a bit of political masturbation, do the efforts to get us shut under without consideration of all the civilization that they"re hurting," she said. "We have actually a lot of single moms here that space the main bread winners of your family."

A spokesperson for Nye County claimed the Love Ranch had 18 employees, including 11 prostitutes and also seven other workers.

"(Hof) says this is urged by politics agendas," Wichman said. "I am urged by my obligation of the public and those who elected me." "I yes, really don"t treatment what his political aspirations are. I"m no in his district. Ns can"t vote for the or against him if I want to,"

"Lorinda has made it public the she desires her heritage to be that she is the one who shut down the brothels in Nye County," Bandolik argued. "Businesses need to comply with the rules, but if they make a mistake lock should have actually an possibility to deal with it."

Wichman said any kind of claim that she is versus legal prostitution is false based upon her poll record.

"I am an support for regulated brothels," she said. "I am not naive enough to believe that you can ever eliminate prostitution anywhere. You have the right to either make it legitimate or illegal. Regulated or unregulated."

Wichman to be asked: "You"re simply not an advocate for Dennis Hof?"

"Well, i am an support for my integrity," Wichman responded. "He"s self-serving. I think he thinks he"s above the law."

Wichman said, in the future, she would never have the ability to approve a privileged brothel license for Hof based upon his character.

Nye county Sheriff Sharon Wehrly stated in an e-mail that Love Ranch employee initially confronted her deputies once they pertained to enforce the board"s decision.

"The executive, management Manager for Dennis Hof contacted the Sheriff and indicated the they would certainly not permit the Nye ar Sheriff"s Deputies top top the premises," Wehrly wrote. "Therefore, a warrant to be submitted and also granted through Pahrump justice of the peace Margaret Whittaker to enter and retrieve the licenses and the work-related cards. Upon arrival, the brothel personnel opened up their doors come the Nye ar Sheriff"s Deputies, surrendered the licenses and also the job-related cards there is no a problem. There was no confrontation on either side and also we were informed an appeal will certainly be forthcoming."

Wichman stated she to be especially concerned that Hof"s employees refused to allow deputies on site. "That alone is one reason to revoke a patent in the code," she said. "You have to enable our law enforcement policemans to have actually access."

Chuck Muth, in charge of Hof"s campaign, evidenced Hof will certainly be fighting the board"s decision.

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"My understanding is the Dennis has been speaking with his lawyer this morning and intends some kind of legitimate action,” Muth said. "What i do recognize is that Dennis had actually no plans to finish operations in ~ the Love Ranch South.”

Despite the long-term ban, a sign on the door that the Love Ranch states that the brothel is just "temporarily" closed.

FOX5 had a call interview reserved through Hof"s assistant Wednesday evening, but Hof did not answer the phone in ~ the arranged time, no one did he speak to back."Personally, I"m simply sad because the brothel system is therefore Nevada," Bandolik said. "Ninety-nine percent of our girl have decided to live here permanently, so this is their just home."