Name: Malcolm X Field: Civil legal rights Activist Arrest Date: 1946 Charge: break & Entering, Larceny Result: 8-10 years in prison

The arrest that Malcom X:

Admirers taken into consideration him a brave advocate for the legal rights of Blacks. Critics declared he preached racism and also violence. He had actually a really violent end, in ~ the hands of his once-closest allies. In addition, the male who became known as Malcom X had actually some serious scrapes with the regulation in his younger days.

In 1946, in ~ the age of 20, when still recognized as Malcolm Little, he to be picked up for a collection of burglaries versus white families in Boston. He to be arrested as soon as he picked up a stolen clock he had actually dropped turn off for repairs. In February of the year began serving one 8-to-10 year sentencing for breaking and also entering and larceny at Charlestown State Prison.


While in prison, he began his life changing transition come the country of Islam and Black Activism.


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