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The hands on the hips attitude seems favor it's everywhere, for this reason no doubt you've checked out it numerous times in pictures and in person. Here are the usual materials of the position:

the hands room on the hips,the elbows are flared right out, andthe human is dealing with their intended target.

There room some feasible variations the predominantly typical the very same thing, including:

a change in the place of the hands, fingers and also thumbs, ora readjust in the position of the legs and feet.

This is a attitude of dominance, threat and challenge. The snapshot below reflects the typical version that this posture. Let's look in ~ the results of this pose and also how the components contribute come it.


Courtesy of Evhtheodorou

It Maximizes viewed Size

Men in this place will usually have actually their feet shoulder width apart or wider. This color etc them come their full height and takes up much more space.

Women will often do this too, yet we see more variation in your stances. They can have your weight on one foot through a slight bending in the other leg. Or they can have one leg directly under their top body through the other leg extended out somewhat. In either instance the attitude is relatively straight. Having one leg extended out bring away up more space which is a dominant move and makes the human look bigger.

The flared elbows room the most apparent example of acquisition up an ext space and the vital to the entirety position.

It's Open and also Direct

The front of the body is exposed, informing onlookers the they're no concerned around any threat. It gives the impression that they're daring rather to shot something.

A human in this posture will commonly be directly facing whomever they're addressing. If you've ever seen a confrontation in human or on video, you can remember that when both world commit come it they're ideal in prior of every other. They challenge each other dead on and then castle both challenge the other to go ahead and also start something.

This facet is current in the hand on hips pose, albeit more subtly. The human being will directly challenge the camera or whomever they desire to obtain the message. There's an impression that defiance together the human stands your ground.

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It's Subtly Threatening

The flared elbow come right into play again here. Ours elbows space sharp and pointy, an excellent for poking world in your soft midsections. If you've ever before had come maneuver v a crowded room you know how helpful the elbows can be. They deserve to be provided subtly, nearly apologetically, to produce space. It's less aggressive than pushing through your hands yet still aggressive.