Match the interpretations to their respective CLI warm keys and shortcuts. (Not all choices are used.)

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ITN chapter 2 exam Answers 02

Explanation:The shortcuts v their features are together follows:– Tab – Completes the remainder the a partially typed command or keyword– space bar – displays the following screen– ? – gives context-sensitive help– Up arrow – enables user to role backward through former commands– Ctrl-C – cancels any kind of command right now being entered and returns straight to privileged EXEC mode– Ctrl-Shift-6 – permits the user come interrupt an IOS procedure such together ping or traceroute

« an administrator is configuring a move console port with a password. In what order will certainly the administrator travel v the IOS modes of operation in bespeak to reach the mode in i m sorry the configuration commands will it is in entered? (Not all options are used.)
What method can be offered by two computer systems to ensure the packets room not dropped because too lot data is being sent too quickly? »
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