50 years ago this week, Lynda Hill met The Beatles in Hull, England. The conference took Lynda completely by surprise, and also was front page news in Hull appropriate after that happened. This week, Lynda has actually been retelling her story. Below, she shares she memories with the FEST.

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By Lynda Hill:Little go I know that meeting The Beatles in Hull ~ above November 24th, 1963 would bring about my retelling the story 50 years on, and also not just right here in the UK but throughout the people to the USA.That work is for this reason memorable come me, and I am sure that not many civilization can say that they to be able to relive the special minute at the precise spot, top top the specific day and at the specific time through a Beatles Tribute tape singing ‘She Loves You’ come them. This is what has just occurred to me and I relived the 24th November as if i was earlier in 1963.I didn’t know I was going to satisfy The Beatles. I was simply an plain girl that loved the music of The Beatles. It to be a new sound, a type of music that made me desire to dance and also sing follow me to their records.I an initial saw The Beatles in October 1962 in ~ the Majestic Ballroom in Hull. They to be an unknown group of lads who had just arrived turn off the ferry from appearing in Hamburg, Germany and also they were great. I witnessed them again in February 1963 and also they had come to be popular. Once I heard they were to show up in November at the ABC, Beatlemania had actually begun and also I was figured out to gain tickets to see them, however this was no to be. Fairly than be so late for work I left the queue, even though mine boss had asked me to gain a ticket for her daughter.When I arrived at work she inquiry if I had actually the tickets and I responded no. She inquiry why and also I told she it was because I assumed I would be late for work. I was crestfallen and also thought the was that, however I was wrong and also didn’t know what to be to come.A couple of days before the concert she told me I had to have an interview at the employed exchange. They wanted to see how I to be getting in addition to my job and I essential to have my hair done! come look smart…My boss picked me up on the day of the concert and also drove me into Hull. All the while ns was thinking about the fans who were walking to check out The Beatles and also the city center was full of fans shouting “We want The Beatles.”

She stopped external the workplaces of The Hull daily Mail, i m sorry were located just throughout from the abc Theatre, and also told me to gain out that the car. When I request why, she told me us just had to pop within for a minute. I was confused yet didn’t inquiry her – she was my boss.As us went in v the doors, a male came forward and also said come me…”Hello..you must be Lynda” and took mine hand. That then stated “you have actually absolutely no idea why you room here, perform you?” i looked in ~ him and replied “No.” He stated I may want to sit down as he had something come tell me yet I chose to stay standing. That then claimed the native that desires are made of …”IN around 10 MINUTES ns AM going TO take it YOU across THE roadway TO THE abc CINEMA and YOU are GOING TO meet THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!” I remained in shock, i couldn’t speak, i felt sick, I started to shake. How? Why?Unbeknown come me, due to the fact that I had left the queue and gone to work, mine boss had thought ns deserved a reward for my commitment to her and also her firm. The finest reward she can think of would be to shot and arrange because that me to satisfy THE BEATLES, and also that is what she did with the aid of the Hull everyday Mail.The man in question was called Joe King, and also he was a reporter for The Hull and also Yorkshire Times. He told me that due to the fact that the story to be to be an exclusive because that them they had to disguise me for this reason the nationwide Press wouldn’t know, and also he developed a collection of white overalls and also a mop and also bucket!!!! ns was going to be a MOP lady. Ns donned the outfit with shaking hands and also they shuffled me across the road to the ABC, v the throngs the the very fans I had spent the night queueing with!! and also by the nationwide Press.The setup succeeded. I was in the cinema, and also my believed at that moment was, “well i am walking to meet my idols pull in overalls!!!” i was locked in a room, which to be the women toilets!! i was climate told to wait. Joe came ago for me a if later and told me I could take turn off the overalls, and I followed him up part stairs right into a foyer where I sat and waited.The door opened and in go the FAB FOUR…This to be it…right now as i tell you this part of the story I have actually Goosebumps!! i am ago there and also it feels as if it is happening all over again.They looked at me as they walked by in a line..like the Abbey road picture, and Paul stated “Hello” and they brought on with a door. Joe told me he was going come interview them and also they would certainly be back. Ns waited nervously and also they reappeared and came end to me. Paul claimed “Hello, and what room you act here.” ns looked up at him, my eye wide,and muttered “Waiting to meet you.”They satellite down, Paul on my right, George on my left, John and also Ringo opposite. I had no idea what come say come them. John, in his usual quirky means broke the ice with a few funny remarks and then we were all chatting and laughing. Ns can’t yes, really remember what i said, I remained in a dream. It seemed unreal yet amazing. Us were together for around 15 or 20 minutes.We climate went to have THE photograph taken and also Paul placed his arm around me. WOW! It was then time because that them to get ready because that the concert and also Paul offered me a kiss on the cheek, Ringo patted me ~ above the head – as did John, and George provided me a hug. I assumed this was the end, but at the moment, my ceo Mrs i do not know walked in v her daughter Heather and handed me one envelope. She claimed “You might want this,” and also when i looked inside there were two tickets for the concert!! It was fabulous, although the was complicated to hear the Fabs singing together there was so lot screaming. However I didn’t care since I had met them, sat through them and had the moment immortalised in a picture which ns still have.The following week the file carried the headline: Dream come True together Lynda Met The Beatles.Now 50 year on, there have actually been celebrations of the day The Beatles came to Hull. The St Stephens shopping centre is built on the website of the ABC and also the center manager Jim Harris arranged a Beatles weekend of which i was part. It to be Shake that up infant Twist and also Shout and what a fab weekend i have had reliving the day i met the Beatles.The Beatles Tribute band played ‘She Loves You’ at exactly 3pm, the moment that i met castle on that an extremely spot…how amazing is that!!! mine story go on come this day. I am featured in a book that is gift compiled by Liverpool author Dean Johnson and myself. Dean’s an initial edition of The Beatles and also Me was featured on your Fox News previously this year, however this one is various in the it is stories provided by the fans in Hull of their brush v The Beatles.I have accumulated so many and also mostly unheard, that the title will be All-You-Need-Is -Hull-Larkin-The -Beatles-And-Me.

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The City of Hull has just been named UK City of society 2017 and also I say all You need is Love—All- You-Need-Is-Hull.I expect you uncover this one interesting and also unusual story the Beatles fans will enjoy. I have delighted in telling it to you. Yes Yeah Yeah…oh and also my grandchildren love THE BEATLES too.