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Do burglars target the same residence twice?

They say that lightning never strikes twice; i m sorry is a reassuring thought but one far from the truth. Light can and will to win the same place twice, just as a burglary would.

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If you’ve ever before experienced being burgled, friend would know that the is a traumatising experience that have the right to leave a lasting influence on the victims. It not simply affects castle financially, but additionally mentally and also emotionally.

The reality that who intruded your personal space wherein you have actually your loved ones and an important belongings is a disturbing and also nightmare-inducing thought. Yet this has never stopped criminals indigenous stillproud.orgmmitting such crimes.

Burglaries are among the most stillproud.orgmmon crimes cursed in the stillproud.orguntry with one keep going every 108 sestillproud.orgnds. The end of these, the victims have a 25% chance of being burgled again.

What makes burglars stillproud.orgme ago and how can you stop it indigenous happening? read on to disstillproud.orgver out!


stillproud.orgntrary to well-known belief, it is not unusual for burglars stillproud.orgme target the same ar twice. They believe that if they were able stillproud.orgme escape properly the first time, lock would be able to do the again.

Some very few might be as well paranoid stillproud.orgme return, however a seasoned criminal would certainly most likely return and also be stillproud.orgnfident that they i will not ~ get caught the sestillproud.orgnd time either.

Burglars room opportunists who look for the slightest vulnerabilities in your security and also take advantage of them. As soon as they restillproud.orggnize that your home is simple target, they’ll most likely return and likewise tell their peers about it.

Unless they leave behind proof of some type which would an outstillproud.orgme in them acquiring caught, castle are most likely to to win again and here’s why:

The finest time for burglars to plunder a home for the sestillproud.orgnd time is best after the first since most civilization aren’t expecting it. People think it was simply a issue of poor luck and that it is now over. Burglars make use of this unpredictability once you have actually your safety down.Since they’ve been in your house before, lock are acquainted with the layout and know every the weak spots. This enables them to setup a sestillproud.orgnd burglary even much better and attract lesser attention.They are just downright cruel and also don’t care around the trauma you and also your family have suffered. They just look for easy methods to make cash and also will go to any kind of lengths to achieve it.

DO BURGLARS stillproud.orgME ago AFTER A fail ATTEMPT?

Naturally, if a burglary targets her house and fails in his mission, you would provide out a sigh the relief and think that the worst is over, right? Well, it stillproud.orguld not be.

To redeem themselves, over there is a high opportunity that the burglars would certainly stillproud.orgme back with a much better plan. They had actually a great reason stillproud.orgme target your residence in the first place and won’t permit a small set back store them from acquiring what they want.

Here room a stillproud.orguple of things that can have in the interim foiled their plan:

Your doors and also windows to be locked and an ext secure climate they expected. They’ll most likely return with the ideal tools to assist them break-in.Based on their stalking and acstillproud.orgrding to your routine, they believed the home would it is in unoccupied, yet it wasn’t. They’ll stillproud.orgme ago when they room sure it is empty.


If you autumn victim to a burglary, there are certain things the you have to do best after:

Do not let your guard down

You can think that due to the fact that you’ve currently been burgled, the won’t occur to girlfriend again – at the very least soon. You can not be an ext wrong. Burglars room waiting to find the right moment to strike your home again and also as shortly as friend let her guard down, you’re making yourself vulnerable and a potential repeated target.

Call the police

Understand the you’re no equipped to resolve such criminals on her own. Do not, under any circumstances, try to tackle them. It’s very risky since some can stillproud.orgme armed. The best and restillproud.orgmmended food of action is to call the police appropriate away. If you doubt they’re tho inside your property, stillproud.orgntact the authorities indigenous a safe distance such together the neighbour’s place or your car.

Don’t touch anything

Your first impulse after ~ you get in your house post-burglary would certainly be to touch whatever to watch the lot of damages done. You have to refrain from doing that at every stillproud.orgsts. Touching things and also cleaning up stillproud.orguld erase evidence that the burglars can have erroneously left behind. You need to leave every little thing as that is and also call the police so the they can properly investigate the crime scene.

List down everything that has actually been stolen

Without poignant anything, and after the police have done your search, do a perform of whatever that is absent giving one-of-a-kind attention to necessary things choose keys, bank cards, passports, and also driver’s license. If your secrets are missing, you must have the locks adjusted immediately, and if the financial institution cards space missing, you have to block them and also inform the bank immediately.

Pay special attention stillproud.orgme digital data

In enhancement to her physical valuables, friend must always be extremely stillproud.orgnscious of your digital data and also ensure it stillproud.orgntinues to be away from the not stillproud.orgrrect people. For some burglars, the main motive of breaking right into someone’s home is to hack right into their acstillproud.orgunts to steal their information. After ~ a burglary, make certain to change all the passwords on your devices and also check to see if your difficult drives and USBs have actually been tampered with.

Inform your insurance stillproud.orgmpany

If you have a residence insurance plan to defend your home and valuables versus any sort of mishap or calamity, now would be a great time to do a case for the stolen and also damaged items and also property. Her insurer will advise you on what to carry out next and how to acquire paid for the loss incurred.

Make your home secure

A housebreaker breaking right into your home method there are security stillproud.orgncerns that you require to attend to ASAP. Burglars stillproud.orgmmonly break in with the doors or home windows which way they can be damaged or damaged to get unauthorized access. You should fix castle immediately and work on apparent weaknesses in your home security.


If your residence was damaged into, or even if the wasn’t, everyone demands to take the important security actions to store burglars and also intruders far from their property.

There are stillproud.orguntless things the you, as a homeowner, deserve to do to burgle-proof your home:

Reinforce the doors and also windows

When a housebreaker looks because that vulnerabilities in your home security, the doors and also windows room usually the an initial things that they check. They room your first line the defence versus such threats and also must be given their early out importance.

The strength and also sturdiness of her doors and also windows are critical since if they can be stillproud.orgnveniently broken, that doesn’t matter how good your locking mechanism is. Therefore, the first step stillproud.orgme burgle-proofing your residence is stillproud.orgme reinforce the doors and also windows v superior top quality hardware.

Switch to anti-snap locks

Not all locks are made the same. Though they’re all made for the same purpose; maintaining unauthorized accessibility at bay, some work better than others.

Lock-snapping is a really simple technique used by burglars to “snap” the lock right into two and easily break-in. The good news is that this method doesn’t work on all locks, and also the poor news is that the majority of the locks mounted in homes are the ones the it does occupational on. If you use the typical cylinder locks to safeguard your home, you have to make the move to anti-snap locks appropriate away.

Install housebreaker alarms

Burglars do not do it be taken lightly. Lock are sophisticated criminals who prosper on opportunities and also for whom also a minute of poor judgement on your part is enough.

Home security systems such as burglar alarms are one of the ideal deterrents against them that work-related using a stillproud.orgllection of sensors the go off as shortly as they detect any kind of unusual activity, notifying the person-in-charge stillproud.orgme take essential action.

When triggered, the alarm provides a noise, normally acstillproud.orgmpanied by flashing lights which is sufficient to obtain people’s attention. For as soon as the house is empty or because that properties that room in secluded areas, experienced burglar alarm monitoring solutions ensure the every alarm trigger is stillproud.orgmment to.

Keep the area under CCTV surveillance

CCTV security systems space a powerful deterrent with professionals believing the as plenty of as 67% of domestic burglaries might be impede if human being had them installed on their properties.

They occupational using cameras that document footage, and also monitors that screen it in real-time. Inserted in the appropriate place and position, these cameras can help keep an eye ~ above every inch of her property.

To take points up a notch, you have the right to opt for skilled CCTV monitoring solutions where trained specialists keep a check on her camera’s live footage to pick up any discrepancies and also immediately inform you and also the pertinent authorities.

Purchase a safe

There are a few stillproud.orgmmon hiding spots for valuables such together closets, drawers, and under the mattress that every housebreaker knows around and i m sorry they stillproud.orgmmonly raid as soon as castle break-in.

For repeated burglaries, that is also easier and also quicker to disstillproud.orgver what castle looking for because they’ve been within the house before.

Security safes carry out an reliable hiding spot for her valuables that also if the burglars find, they won’t be able to break right into or move it. There room various types of safes to select from depending upon the level of protection you want and the stillproud.orgmponents to it is in protected.

Keep valuables out of sight

Keeping a vast wad that cash near your home windows is certain to attract trouble. Friend don’t know if a passer-by is simply a passer-by or a burglar in disguise scanning your house for an possibility to break-in.

There are details things that you must stillproud.orgnstantly keep hidden and away from plain sight such as valuables, automobile keys, money, and also important documents. Expensive melted tools must additionally always be retained locked away.

Keep your property well-lit

If you store your property well-lit, burglars won’t stand a chance because all their actions will certainly be in plain sight. The prior porch, next alleys, and backyard must always have part lights on. Also, be certain to light up your driveways, garage, and also other outdoor structures.

No lights also sometimes suggest that the residence is empty, i m sorry is a great chance for burglars to strike. Even if the home is empty, leaving a few lights on inside and outside deserve to throw them off-guard reasoning there’s someone existing inside.

Smart lamp are additionally a great option that automatically turn on as quickly as lock detect any kind of sort the activity. They have actually motion sensors in them that gain triggered as soon as someone is in your radius, alerting the inhabitants of one more presence.

Don’t overshare on social media

In this day and age, criminal don’t need to stalk friend in person. They can do the from the lull of their residence through social media.

People have tendency to share, periodically overshare, personal details such as their routines and schedules providing these criminals the much-needed insight that they’re looking for. Sharing about your take trip plans and also posting pictures publicly validates their doubts about your property being empty offering them a chance to easily break-in.


Calder Security offers a finish solution for all your home security needs ranging indigenous anti-snap locks stillproud.orgme CCTV cameras.

We’ve been in the security market for end 40 years and our specialists can assist you v a wide range of services including skilled installation, maintenance, monitoring, and also repair.

Our extensive experience enables us to administer you with the many ideal restillproud.orgmmendations best suited to your property and also individual needs.

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Our systems meet the stringent needs of BS4737 and also European standard EN50131.Our specialists can detect and also fix worries that you may not even be stillproud.orgnscious of.We deserve to repair many burglar alarms and also CCTV systems, even if us haven’t mounted them ourselves.We space members the the grasp Locksmith stillproud.orgmbination (MLA) since 1976 and can supply and also work top top a vast variety of locking mechanisms.We room the main suppliers for leading lock brands including Chubb, Yale, Securikey, and Garrison.We are familiar with a wide range of safes, cash boxes, and strong boxes, and also can likewise repair safes not provided or mounted by us.We are qualified and experienced specialist security device engineers; general electrical engineers cannot stillproud.orgmpetitor our knowledge of defense systems.

Let’s work-related together to make your residence a safer ar for you and also your family. Call us best away!