Season 1 illustration 2 - The Wiblet Will obtain You If girlfriend Don"t Watch the end

Everyone pooh-poohs the imaginary beastie that"s giving Prudence nightmares. Yet Nanny, true pixie that she is, maps inventive strategems to trap the thing. Air date : 28th-Jan-1970

Season 1 episode 1 - Nanny Will do

A secret British nanny v psychic powers arrives at the Everett residence to take care of the widwed professor"s 3 children. Air date : 21st-Jan-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 2 - The Wiblet Will acquire You If girlfriend Don"t Watch the end

Everyone pooh-poohs the imagine beastie that"s providing Prudence nightmares. But Nanny, true pixie the she is, maps inventive strategems to trap the thing. Air day : 28th-Jan-1970Read More

Season 1 illustration 3 - The brand-new Butch

Prudence desires to discover to read, and also Butch is emotion rejected. Nanny"s solution: a typewriter that pipeline messages because that Prudence--and a plan with a post for Dad. Air day : 4th-Feb-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 4 - The Scientific technique

Everett invites a lady psychologist residence to dinner, unmindful of just how she can react come his children"s--and Nanny"s--flights that fancy. Air day : 11th-Mar-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 5 - The Astronomers

With his dad"s beat-up old telescope, some impressive beginner"s luck and Nanny"s mysterious touch, Butch makes an astronomical discovery that creates a hubbub in the scientific world. Air day : 18th-Feb-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 6 - Spring, Sweet spring

It"s positively weird. A collection of mishaps stops the Everetts together they go their separate methods on a Saturday. Nanny, the seems, was reasoning of a family members picnic.... Air date : 25th-Feb-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 7 - Nanny on wheels

The professor was standing bemused and amazed at Nanny"s systems to the second car problem: a 1930 version A that will call for a wonder to it is in run--even by Nanny. Air day : 4th-Mar-1970Read More

Season 1 illustration 8 - Strictly for the bird

A the personality is bad zoologist has actually Nanny arrested because that spiriting 3 ducklings out of a windy park. Neither the grump nor the presiding judge is ready for Nanny"s defense ploy. Air day : 11th-Mar-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 9 - The Tyrannosaurus Tibia

Waldo finds a dinosaur bone and buries it in Nanny"s garden. Air day : 18th-Mar-1970Read More

Season 1 illustration 10 - ns Think That i Shall never See a Tree

The city"s street widening job requires the the tree comprise the children"s tree residence be reduced down. Air day : 25th-Mar-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 11 - The Games families Play

The household is upset once the professor admits that his potential new job will certainly require moving to a brand-new house. Air date : 1st-Apr-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 12 - An element of threat

The professor is fear of seeing an old girlfriend, and also Prudence is afraid of blowing up a balloon. Air day : 8th-Apr-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 13 - The Philosopher"s stone

Nanny states that the stone she provides Hal will grant him three wishes. Air date : 15th-Apr-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 14 - A fowl Episode

The entire community is waking approximately the noise of Prudence"s pets rooster. Air date : 22nd-Apr-1970Read More

Season 1 episode 15 - Nanny and also the Smoke-Filled Room

When Butch decides to run for homeroom president, Nanny decides to offer him a small help. Air date : 29th-Apr-1970Read More




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