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"Nausicaä" has been the lifework the Miyazaki. Because that 13 years (with part breaks) he created monthly installments of this facility and thought-provoking manga (or "graphic novel") around a princess who struggles to live in the civilization filled with ecological disasters, war, hatred and anger. By the time he perfect he had tackled some of the most complicated themes in literature: the conflicts in between Nature and Man, war and also peace, hope and also despair, and also the an interpretation of life and also death. It"s important a great work that art and thought.

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Depicting a human being so various from ours, he drew intricate and also detailed artwork the a strangely beautiful forest and also creatures that inhabit it, of strange looking makers such as flying gunships, and also of people and their stays which seem to be set in the medieval Era quite than in the distant future. Yet, the worries which Nausicaä confronted during she journey room the very issues us are encountering today. The ending of this manga is likely to surprise you and make girlfriend think.

"Nausicaä" has actually been extremely acclaimed and is very popular in Japan. In 1994, Miyazaki got the Japan Manga Artists" association Award. "Nausicaä" sold more than 10 million copies complete in Japan alone.

The Story

One thousand years after the "Seven work of Fire", anapocolyptic battle which destroyed modern human civilization and the world"secology, the planet is spanned by the "Sea that Corruption",a vast forest that fungi and plants that provide off gift miasma (gas) andis occupied by big deadly insects. Life in this people is most difficultfor humans, yet humans are still fighting over the small portions ofinhabitable lands left to them approximately the edges of the Sea ofCorruption. A battle is around to an episode between the Kingdom ofTorumekia and also the Dorok Empire, and also Nausicaä, theprincess that a small country, the Valley that Wind, now has to leavethe valley to join the Torumekian army, i beg your pardon is about to attack theDorok Empire.

Although she is a experienced warrior, she no killing, and is torn in between the duty together a chieftain of she people and her love because that every life creature, including Ohmu, the huge insects who defend the forest. Nausicaä"s true desire is to settle the secret of the Sea the Corruption, and also find the "Blue Pure Land", a ar where civilization can live without being intimidated by the toxicity from the Sea that Corruption.

Through her desperate effort to stop anyone from gift killed, she stumbles ~ above the mystery of the Sea of Corruption. Yet this is simply the start of her long, tough journey. In the end, she has to challenge the true an enig of the human being in i m sorry she lives and make a very an overwhelming decision about the ultimate fate the the whole world.

A synopsis of the manga approximately the volume five is available.

Also, watch Time, Places and also Characters.


Animage, the Japanese anime magazine released by Tokuma Shoten. native Feb. 1982 come March 1994. (Miyazaki go on hiatus numerous times to do movies) check out the more quickly published cite of Nausicaä.

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Published as:

Animage Comics Wide-Ban, "Kaze no Tani no Naushika" 1-7 (Animage Comics Wide, "Nausicaä the the valley of Wind" 1-7) 1982-1995, Tokuma Shoten, 420¥ - 500¥ each. Softcover, B5 (10.1" x 7.2")
also easily accessible as:
"Kaze no Tani no Naushika
" (Joukan & Gekan) (Nausicaä the the sink of Wind, Vol. 1 & 2) 1996, Tokuma Shoten, 5631¥ each. Deluxe edition. Boxed hardcover, A4 (11.8" x 8.3") For more detailed information, see the Nausicaä around the civilization page.
Animage Nausicaä vs. Accumulated Volumes
Visit the Nausicaä Manga Comparison web page to watch some alters Miyazaki made for the built up Volumes. Spoiler Warning!

A guide equivalent Animage concerns to the built up Volumes

English translations:

VIZ select Comics "Nausicaä of the sink of Wind" component 1-5 (27 issues) 1988-1996 VIZ communications
also available as:
VIZ graphics Novel (GN) "Nausicaä the the valley of Wind
" 1-7 1990-1997 VIZ interactions VIZ Perfect collection (PC) "Nausicaä that the sink of Wind" 1-4 1995-1997 VIZ communications VIZ Perfect collection (PC) "Nausicaä the the sink of Wind" 4 Volume box Set 2000 VIZ communications VIZ Editor"s choice Edition (EC) "Nausicaä that the valley of Wind" 1-7 2004 VIZ communications (For more detailed information, watch the Nausicaä around the civilization page.) all versions room beautifully analyzed by Studio Proteus, and later by Matt Thorn. To know more about how "Nausicaä" was analyzed intoEnglish, check out this interesting write-up by Toren blacksmith (Studio Proteus) in ~ the Comic crate site.
In various other languages:
"Nausicaä" has been interpreted into English, Chinese, Italian, French, and several other languages. For an ext information and sample pages from these versions, you re welcome visit the Nausicaä about the world page.

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