Each month, several films and TV shows leaving Netflix’s catalogue. We administer a list of departing titles and also recommend a couple of standouts so you deserve to watch them before they’re unable to do forever (or space just available on a various site). For more coverage the the best titles accessible on Netflix and also elsewhere, check out stillproud.org’s What come Stream now hub, i beg your pardon is updated throughout the month.

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Leaving November 17

If you loved reading R.L. Stine together a kid: Goosebumps

This Jack Black–fronted adaptation that the limitless R.L. Stine series of kids’ horror books will likely become a perennial household Halloween favorite. And also why not? A clever plot through plenty of meta-humor, some actual scares because that older kids, and Black’s funniest job-related in years do Goosebumps good, goofy fun for an ext than simply the ’90s nostalgists. Leader beware: A sequel is due next fall. Leaving November 11.

Leaving November 13

If you’re yearn a feel-good sitcom: How i Met your Mother

Another huge of Netflix’s sitcom library suits up because that the last time. Otherwise well-known as the CBS comedy the genuinely clicked v a young audience, HIMYM assuredly dropped apart in its last half, together the chronology came to be stretched and also twisted past all recognition and also the illustration relied much more on Barney-esque blue humor. Yet savor the early seasons because that the effortless chemistry between the leads and also the uncanny way they blended zaniness with basic relatability. Of food Marshall’s car would have actually one tape grounding in its broken cassette player, and also of course that tune would be “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles,” and also of food he wouldn’t be able to stop listening come it. Leaving November 13.

leaving November 15

If you dislike your roommate: The human Centipede: very first Sequence

By no method should you in reality run home to watch this stubbornly resistant puke stain on the rug of modern American cinema. But it is undeniable that, in its eight years of accessibility on the home-video market, Tom Six’s basement-dwelling gross-out fear sideshow has end up being a bona fide pop-culture phenomenon. Somewhere in that mad scientist’s lair is the truth of contemporary society eat its very own excrement. In various other words, trick your friends into seeing it. Leaving November 15.

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TV Shows

leaving November 1

• black Books: series 1-3• thomas & Friends: A very Thomas Christmas• thomas & Friends: holiday Express• cutting board & Friends: merry Winter Wish• cutting board & Friends: The Christmas Engines• cutting board & Friends: ultimate Christmas

leaving November 13

How i Met her Mother: seasons 1-9

leaving November 15

Jessie: seasons 1-4

leave November 16

Cristela: Season 1

leave November 17

Reggie Yates external Man: Volume 2

leaving November 25

Gringolandia: periods 1-3

leaving November 30

Legends: periods 1-2


leaving November 1

Back come the mystery Garden• The Brothers• Christmas v the Kranks• gain Rich or die Tryin’Hard CandyHugo• The Legend of Hell House• The MatrixThe matrix ReloadedThe procession Revolutions• The Newton Boys• Ravenous• Twilight• V because that Vendetta

leave November 3

Do i Sound Gay?

leaving November 5

• Hannah Montana: The MovieHeavyweights• skies High

leave November 8

The Heartbreak boy (2007)

leaving November 11


leaving November 15

The human Centipede: very first Sequence• We room Still Here

leaving November 16

• The Break-Up• Dream HouseJoan Rivers: Don’t begin With Me

leaving November 17

Somewhere just We Know

leaving November 22

The Warlords

leaving November 30

• The Gambler• Hatched

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