When UFC president Dana White announced that Nick Diaz had no-showed two press conferences and was thus out of his fight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, countless fans were and still are livid. However, they might not have actually a right to be; Nick Diaz"s stunt may be among the most essential actions in UFC history.

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How could such a stupendously moronic crime help fulfill the destiny that the UFC?

Ever due to the fact that the UFC started to get traction v The can be fried Fighter reality series, agitated fans have actually constantly called for the UFC to reform. People felt that the UFC reflect its targeted demographic, males periods 18-34, much too much.

The UFC go on the merry way and ongoing to prosper while skipping the doubters who claimed the UFC essential to adjust its ways.

Then Dana White obtained into some hot water as soon as he walk on a profanity-laden tirade against MMA reporter Loretta Hunt—a tirade which contained an anti-gay slur. White issued an apology, but haters clamored for him come be removed as president and also for the UFC to act "more professional."

After this, the waters were calm because that a while yet the notorious "motorboat-gate"—an occurrence where previous UFC irradiate heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson jokingly saw "motorboat" reporter Karyn Bryant—happened and angry fans were singing the exact same tune all over again.


It didn"t help matters as soon as UFC commentator Joe Rogan said reporter Maggie Hendricks, who criticized Jackson"s antics, possessed a "sh*tty, c*nty brand the writing."

The usual thread among all these troubles is that fans have consistently said that because that the UFC to it is in taken together seriously as other sports organizations, such together the NFL, it need to act like those organizations.

By now, you can realize whereby Nick Diaz fits into all of this. Nick Diaz, by not getting here to two press conferences, finally gave the UFC the perfect instance in which come act choose the major sports company it aspires to be (and really already is in some ways).

Having Dana White action down as president or firing Rampage or Joe Rogan would"ve put a black eye top top the UFC and would"ve alienated many UFC fans, who determine with such characters. It"s no mystery that the UFC"s photo was closely crafted to appeal come the youth and to protect against being seen as dapper and also corporate like significant League Baseball or the NFL.

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The Diaz instance has given the UFC an out. They deserve to be experienced (and, many importantly, impress their new friends at FOX) through punishing Diaz however still save its painstakingly preserved "cool" image. Even better, they have the right to still save Diaz and are having actually him struggle B.J. Penn!

It"s important a win-win situation for the UFC. They gain to store their interesting fighter, your image and all the while gain to trumpet just how stern lock were and also how your disciplinary plan is among the toughest in sports. All thanks to Nick Diaz"s desire to miss a "beauty pageant."


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