After divorcing, Leyla and also her baby move to Turkey indigenous Germany. She battles to uncover a job and also leave her family's house. She meets Hasmet with a job. At the same time Alper tries to save up. His marriage and also job room in trouble. Alper and also Leyla accomplish unexpectedly v a sucker punch.

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StarringKadir Doğulu, Seda Bakan, Mustafa ÜstündağGenresDrama, ActionSubtitlesEnglish, RomânăAudio languagesEnglish, Türkçe, more…العربية

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Supporting actorsDolunay Soysert, Kadir ÇermikSeason year2018Purchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video clip (streaming virtual video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
neaReviewed in the United says on august 26, 2021
I personally would like to just have actually original speak voices in the language of the actors and also then subtitles, 보다 have dubbed voices. The movie falls very flat through dubbing. I think that they should constantly let us know if something has been dubbed before we begin to watch. Ns probably might watch this collection if that wasn"t dubbed, but it is simply so off. Indigenous don"t match the mouth, the emotions are entirely not in sync. Ns can"t gain much of an impression of the acting capability really v the voice overs always present. Therefore I provided up ~ above this one.
Sonia TomterReviewed in the United states on august 30, 2021
There is 70 eposides yet its no the ending!Where is the ending? Nice series of love & crime, family.would like to check out the ending!
Jan ReidReviewed in the United states on august 31, 2021
This series fails to present the last couple of episodes leave no resolve. You room left hanging....WHY?Great series up to episode 70.

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