Adapted native the commemorated Broadway musical, this rousing Calypso-flavored tale complies with one little girl who finds love in a people of prejudice.

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In the opening number, "We Dance," the peasants describe their world: their resides are ruled by an effective gods, and their island is rule by the wealthy "grands hommes." They explain that the peasants and also the grands hommes belong come "two various worlds, never meant to meet."

In "One small Girl," they start the tale of Ti Moune, a peasant girl from your side that the island, who fell in love with a grand homme after being "chosen by the gods for a miracle fate." They describe how she was conserved from a overwhelming by the gods once she was a child and raised by love adoptive parents. At the finish of the song, Ti Moune has actually turned into a beautiful young woman.

In "Waiting because that Life," Ti Moune, who is currently working in the hot fields, yearns for an unknown future, i beg your pardon she feel she has actually been promised by the gods. She reminds them that they have singled she out and also tells them not to forget her. A grand homme dressed in white, drives previous her and also she decides he will certainly someday bring her turn off to a brand-new life.

Agwe, the God the Water, starts by developing a night of "Rain," and causes the young cool homme, Daniel, come crash his automobile on a dark road. Ti Moune discovers him. Cradling the injured Daniel in she arms, Ti Moune realizes the the gods have answered her prayer.

Despite the objections of the peasants, Ti Moune cares because that Daniel. As her father, Tonton Julian, go off searching for Daniel"s family, Ti Moune"s mother, Mama Euralie, observes the Ti Moune has become obsessed v this boy. Tonton Julian discovers Daniel"s family, that live behind the guarded gateways of a well hotel on the other side the the island. Meanwhile, the peasants are afraid Ti Moune"s folly will carry the wrath of the gods down upon them. Lock "Pray" to ward turn off evil together a devastating storm rises.

Inside her hut, Ti Moune pledges she love come Daniel in the song, "Forever Yours." She imagines that handsome and well. Suddenly, Papa Ge, the cunning Demon of Death, shows up to insurance claim Daniel. Ti Moune promises to give up her own life and soul if Papa Ge will just spare Daniel. That gleefully agrees to she bargain.

Tonton Julian leader Daniel"s family to him, and also they lug him off in a stretcher. Ti Moune insists on adhering to Daniel. Although she parents plead v her to stay with them, they finally enable her come leave v their blessing.

Ti Moune"s journey begins as the storytellers enter, dressed as vibrant birds, trees, frogs and breezes. They present Asaka, the formidable mom of the Earth, who promises Ti Moune that "Mama will Provide" all the points she is likely to require on she way.

Ti Moune enters Daniel"s room, where he lies in bed, quiet feverish native his injuries. She convinces him the she has pertained to heal him, and also he agrees to let her continue to be the night. As Ti Moune lies down alongside him, the Goddess the Love, Erzulie, appears to preside end them in "The human being Heart."

In "Pray – Reprise," the storytellers end up being gossips, commenting ~ above the unlikely union that a grand homme and a peasant girl, as Daniel and Ti Moune loss deeply in love. The gossips urge Ti Moune may be Daniel"s mistress, yet will never come to be his wife.

On a starlit evening, Ti Moune tells Daniel of her desires for your future. He replies she is various from "Some Girls" he has known and says, "some girl you marry, part you love." as he sings, one more girl dresses before a mirror, she elegant movements and also clothes in contrast to Ti Moune"s simplicity and also earthiness.

At the Hotel Beauxhomme, a round is held and the grand hommes eagerly wait because that a glimpse the Ti Moune. She arrives, pull on beautifully yet simply. Daniel introduce Ti Moune come Andrea Devereaux, the girl we witnessed dressing for the ball. In ~ Andrea"s request, Ti Moune dances, enchanting anyone at the ball. As Ti Moune celebrates her triumphant performance, Andrea asks she to carry out at she wedding, explaining it is she that will be marrying Daniel.

Daniel speak Ti Moune he to be promised to Andrea as a son and, "this is exactly how things space done." Ti Moune is in shock, and Daniel bluntly tells her they could never have actually married.

Desolate and also alone, Ti Moune hears an important voices indigenous the previous echoing in she head. Papa Ge appears and also reminds her of she promise, reprising "Forever Yours." He says that, instead of surrendering her own soul, she can pick to death Daniel and also have her own life back. Reminding she of Daniel"s betrayal, he offers her a knife.

Ti Moune is thrown the end of the Hotel Beauxhomme. She waits, not eating or sleeping, until Daniel and also Andrea pass by her after your wedding, tossing coins to the peasants. She calls out to Daniel, and he pauses by she side because that a moment prior to moving on. She curls up in despair and, from her hand ,falls the coin Daniel has actually pressed right into it.

Mama Euralie begins a lament for Ti Moune, "Part that Us." The storytellers spreading Ti Moune"s death. She is passed tenderness from one god come the following until Asaka at last takes Ti Moune to her breast and also lays she to remainder in the earth.

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Ti Moune is resurrected indigenous the planet as a beautiful tree, one i m sorry will shelter peasants and grand hommes alike for years to come. The storytellers call the little girl how Daniel"s young child encountered a beautiful peasant girl in the tree, and also the heart of Ti Moune collection them complimentary to love one another. This is "Why we Tell the Story." They song to the tiny girl, "For out of what we live and also we believe, ours lives end up being the stories that us weave."

As the little girl choose up the object of the story and also begins come tell it, the storytellers resume their places around the fire. The stars come out together the lamp fade on them.