Which the the following ideal characterizes JIT systems?

Annual testimonial of operation methods.

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Push technique of product flow.
Build inventory at a modest rate.
Pull method of products flow.

The pull an approach is illustrated by:

building that so they will come.
made-to-order computer systems.
farm products.
automobile assembly.

Which of the adhering to is not a advantage of little lot dimension for skinny systems?

Enables a uniform system workload
Reduction-of-cycle inventory
Potential boost in procedure setups
Reduction in product lead times

One of the LEAST reliable supplier strategies for lean equipment is:

a short-term, competitive relationship in between the agency and the supplier.
to encompass suppliers throughout the product design phase.
smaller, an ext frequent share shipments.
use of local suppliers.

The company department the Monroe brothers Automotive would prefer to achieve uniform workstation loads. An reliable system because that this firm would be:

single-digit setup.
a big-lot production.
producing items because that inventory when demand is slow.
a reservation system.

Benefits of having a versatile workforce include every one of the complying with EXCEPT:

decreased dependency on perform buffers.
a an ext uniform work flow.
it is less complicated to relax bottlenecks.
decreased worker morale.

Which of the following is no characteristic the a kanban system?

It serves as a push mechanism.
Each container includes equal number of non-defective parts.
At the very least one map is linked with a container of process input material.
It controls the motion of containers from source/storage to the manufacturing process.

The median daily need for ingredient B is 750 units. The average time for waiting during the production process and materials dealing with is 0.15 days. Handling time per container is .1 days. The container capacity is 50 units and the plan variable is 5%. What number of containers is forced for component B?

It has been established that 25 containers are vital to adequately assistance the workstation that provides component Y. Every container used has actually a volume for 90 components. What is the planned everyday supply of ingredient Y to the following workstation?


Which of these terms is NOT one of the five S?


The capability to instantly detect the incident of one abnormality, thereby helping attain quality at the source, is:


Which diagram is NOT a component of worth stream mapping?

Future state drawing
Current state drawing
Implementation plan
Transitional step diagram

Lean farms operated every process with a skinny philosophy. For instance once Cletus returned with an north wheelbarrow, Jake knew it to be time to gain busy shoveling manure in order to to fill it ago up. This is an example of:

a kanban card.
a poka-yoke.
a containerless system.
a container system.

Which that these concerns is a problem connected with the conversion come a lean manufacturing system?

Workers can feel pushed and also stressed since the safety net that inventory has been removed.
Workers can end up being bored as soon as the present layout is retained and also remains fixed.
Lean equipment require substantial specialization and also emphasize each worker retaining one specific job assignment.
There is a diminish in the level of to trust in a plant once every one of the processes have actually been automated.

In skinny systems, part commonality offer to increase:

the variety of deliveries needed.
the variety of suppliers needed.

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