You know I was thinking about the Herondales and their appearances and was like “Wow none of the Herondales have actually brown eyes” and the an ext I thought about it, the an ext I wondered about the Herondales in general. Dark hair is generally a dominant trait and Cecily’s descendents prove that (Alec, Isabelle, and also Max) as all the Lightwoods share she features.

Which is why it’s strange the Owen, the an alleged child the James and Cordelia (WOC I can add), would certainly go on to have actually a boy (Marcus) with the classical Herondale traits that both Rosemary and Kit have. If it was a small further down the line, possibly I’d purchase it but it seems unlikely. Unless Cassie to know absolutely nothing around genetics or details Shadowhunter households have traits that can’t be bred the end of the line. A 3rd option is that Cassie’s family tree is yes, really fucked up and full of tricks like she stated it was and also that James and Cordelia never acquire married however jordelia is valuable to me so lets not to speak that

It constantly bothered me when civilization said that Kit and Jace looked alike, and maybe its because it provides no sense??? Tobias Herondale to be Will’s an excellent uncle. That is a lengthy line and there is no reasonable explanation because that Kit and Jace to look so lot alike for characters to discuss it.

oh young if we have actually things to say top top this.

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we’re harvesting ideas like fricking sherlock holmes. I need more proofs. I simply need that missing link. I have actually theories.


Especially around Kit.

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I’m no biologist or geneticist but it bothers me too lot as if i was one lol


okay therefore I already commented however I will reblog since I just had actually a revelation:

I always thought the Kit and Rosemary to be blonde as result of faerie traits gift dominant

And then ns thought, it really doesn’t make sense for Cordelia to it is in Jace’s an excellent great grandma cause she’s Persian and wouldn’t that be the dominant trait…?

but guess who was blonde and loved by James Herondale AND embraced therefore might well have actually faerie heritage? elegant Blackthorn

this would entirely explain why Marcus and Stephen and also Jace Herondale are all blonde omfg

still no idea about the gold eyes tho


James’ golden eyes= because of Tessa’s demon heritage

Jace’s gold eyes= because of the extra point of view blood provided to him.

But five my god the blonde hair/blue eye thing has been bothering me. Jace has some excuse due to the fact that Ithuriel had the exact same curling blonde hair the does as well.

And the lot of civilization saying Kit looked favor Jace is just a detail human being seem to brush over and I was like… ????? unlikely uneven they perform share much more blood 보다 they believe

omg therefore it’s true that people don’t salary too lot attention to kit’s resemblance to jace! I assumed i was the only one bothered through it! Before qoaad also came the end we claimed kit was some secret son that Stephen but, and also idk since when you monitor us, i think (and cassie deserve to rip this theory off my dead hand only when she release the true family members tree) the kit go in truth not descend from tobias’s line and we italians may have actually some evidence of that……………… (because the the first edition of lady midnight published here)

YOU can ALL hit ME end THIS 

his same to jace pisses me off. One does not look like his 73543289324th cousin so lot just due to the fact that they have one (1) ancestor in usual (and stated ancestor is will’s great-grandfather) 

me and also my cousin watch alike, yes (so lot when we were small we to be mistaken because that sisters) yet she’s the daughter of my father’s brother, we’re not distant relatives, we’re close and also we watch alike like sisters no FUCKING TWINS and also jace and kit, if they had the same period they might be mistaken for twins.

magic is affiliated yes, but magic no touch resemblances in mine modest opinion and cassie spent two books stressing this come the point of me looking into the camera choose i was in the office every time someone looked at kit and also thought “lol mini jace” 


also, cassie looks at genetics, because she knows us investigate, when she told united state that james had gold eyes we were