Brendon Urie is making dreams come true one engaged couple at a time. One Panic! at The Disco fan acquired the surprised of she life when the frontman in reality responded come a letter she sent.

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While previous fans have actually pondered the expense to have actually Urie do at their wedding (Answer: beer), Twitter user Erica Veon simply wanted come let the singer know just how much he’s influenced her. Veon sent Urie an invite together with a letter on “how lot his music means” to her.

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In the letter, Veon asks Urie if hell send earlier his autograph together a wedding gift, and Urie (who also significant he had actually to regretfully decline) was happy to oblige.

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Inspect out Veon’s tweet and also photo below.

“Sent this wedding invitation no expectations of him coming,” Veon tweeted. “But composed a small letter about being a fan because ’05, just how much his music method to me & how amazing an autograph would certainly be together a wedding gift & girlfriend GUYS! thank you”

Sent this wedding invite w/ no expectation of the coming, however wrote a small letter around being a fan due to the fact that '05, just how much his music way to me & exactly how amazing one autograph would certainly be as a wedding gift & friend GUYS! say thanks to you