A presumed-dead ex-CIA agent and a billionaire software application genius try to avoid crimes prior to they happen.

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Episode 1


Tue, might 3, 2016 60 mins

In the Season 5 premiere, Reese and also Finch shot to save the Machine"s resource code prior to it deteriorates past repair; source fights for she life versus Samaritan"s agents; and Fusco faces questions complying with the deaths that Dominic and Elias.

Episode 2


Mon, may 9, 2016 60 mins

A glitch causes the an equipment to it is provided Reese and Fusco v the number of civilization not affiliated in crimes. It likewise locks the end Finch and also Root after identifying them together threats.

Episode 3

Truth it is in Told

Tue, might 10, 2016 60 mins

Reese"s sheathe is threatened due to his recent POI, who has actually ties to his previous CIA colleagues.

Episode 4


Mon, may 16, 2016 50 mins

show manages come escape she captors, however the team worries about her psychological state once she begins acting paranoid and also reckless.

Episode 5


Tue, might 17, 2016 60 mins

Reese protects one NYPD analyst who"s drawn the fist of Samaritan through his examination of a software glitch; and also an allied of Elias intimidates Reese and Fusco.

Episode 6

A much more Perfect Union

Mon, might 23, 2016 45 mins

Reese and also Finch head come a wedding to safeguard two POIs before their nuptials; and Fusco, angry about being shut the end by the team, investigates a wire of lacking person reports.

Episode 7


Tue, may 24, 2016 60 mins

root goes undercover to safeguard the host of a conspiracy theory show; and Samaritan"s agents try to to convince a member the the team that their purposes are noble.

Episode 8


Tue, might 24, 2016 60 mins

Reese and Finch room trapped in a hospital that"s ground zero for a deadly viral outbreak; Samaritan"s latest recruit has 2nd thoughts; and Shaw proceeds to battle with reality.

Episode 9

Sotto Voce

Mon, may 30, 2016 60 mins

The criminal mastermind well-known as "The Voice" trap Reese and Fusco in the precinct with equipped gang members and the latest POI. In various other events, Root provides a shocking discovery

Episode 10

The job the civilization Went Away

Tue, might 31, 2016 60 mins

In the series" 100th episode, Finch"s number come up after a deadly error blows his covering identity, i beg your pardon ignites a series of encounters v Samaritan"s operatives.

Episode 11


Tue, Jun 7, 2016 60 mins

The team i do not care enmeshed in a conspiracy once the U.S. Chairman is tapped together the next POI; and also Finch contemplates acquisition drastic actions to combat Samaritan.

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Episode 12


Tue, Jun 14, 2016 60 mins

Reese and also Shaw chase Finch, who could bring an finish to Samaritan, himself and also the an equipment when that infiltrates a maximum-security federal government facility.

Episode 13

return 0

Tue, Jun 21, 2016 60 mins

In the collection finale, Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw try to stop Samaritan from destroying the device and increase its tight on humankind.