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by Stephanie GatesBooty, booty, booty, booty, booty everywhere—and I’m over it. I am sick of large booty White girls. And also no, i am not a hater. I have actually a bodacious backside of mine own. But what gives this large booty girl a wedgie the size of one extra-small thong is the fascination through the protruding posteriors that White girls together if it’s the best thing because peanut butter discovered jelly. Huge booties ain’t new! huge booty black color girls have been holding that down since the start of time. Women of african descent have always had backsides that didn’t conform to the norm, and also outside of our communities we have actually been ridiculed and also scorned and encouraged to cover and camouflage our butts. Cultivation up, our mothers and also grandmothers sang the praises of the Almighty Girdle as the fix-all to control and also contain our God-given bottoms. Castle knew what we had, and also they knew the trouble it could reason so they urged us to bind our behinds while the males folk motivated us come strut our stuff. Ns think the art of switching (walking when swaying the hips) originated and was perfected in the Black community by a black color woman through a basketball booty who wanted come make certain its grace and movement was appreciated by those lucky enough to behold it. In the days before music videos and also social media, numerous of us reveled in our bootylisciousness. I’m not bragging when I say, the prey songs back in the day, Da Butt, baby Got earlier and Bootyliscious to name a few were definitely Black girl anthems. We had actually one heritage that we could call our own. We may not have had White girl bouncing and behaving hair, or their any-other-color-than-brown eyes, but we definitely had more junk in the trunk. And also any black girl worth she ethnicity walk not want to listen the words, “You acquired a White girl (aka pancake flat) booty!”And we reigned loot supreme, until the 90s when a Latina by the name of Jennifer Lopez strolled top top the scene, and also all eyes were on this petite dynamo’s great tush. It was a devastating day for black women due to the fact that once again some other non-Black woman was getting credit denied to us. Yes, JLo is a woman of shade which should have lessened the blow, but it didn’t really since for as long as us know, we’ve to be made to feeling bad about our otherness—the differences that collection us apart from the dominant culture--and then along comes a Latina who could easily pass for White and gets credit transaction for an asset that was once black. Jennifer was rear finished by Beyonce who has actually made a name for it s her in the derrière department. And if that isn’t sufficient to allow you understand who’s on optimal in the ideal bottom category, there is one of our own seated in the White House, and as ridiculous as it might seem, first Lady Michelle Obama’s booty has been reputed newsworthy (like everything else about the Obama family) a few times. We could finally have pride in our backsides! But. . . No really. Once Salon writer Erin Aubre praised the features of Michelle’s gluteus maximus, it stirred up fairly a debate. So, much in fact that the Huffington article posed the question if was suitable to talk around Michelle’s butt. Readers weighed in on the taboo subject of the an initial Lady’s tush. Us couldn’t talk about Michelle’s booty, yet hey, we had Bey. Points were going well till Beyonce was butted through none other than Kim Kardashian who has actually one of the most admired and also envied celebrity backsides. Every time i turned approximately there was someone talking about Kim’s butt. When Kim come on the scene, large booties, moved mainstream. Climate Nicki Minaj took over Kim’s number one spot. Over there are peak 10 celebrity lists because that everything, and when ns looked up best booties, Nicki and also Kim space holding the number 1 and also number 2 clues respectively. However what gained my panties in a bunch is that black women, the originator that the ba dunka dunk, the junk in the mid-sized to big trunk only had two spots out of ten. Really? We had been robbed—again.First it to be Bo Derek who made braids all the rage. Hello? just how long have actually we to be wearing ours hair braided? some of us have even been terminated because that wearing braids branded together “too ethnic”. Then it to be Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips. Complete lips to be so much in vogue, that females started gaining injections to make their lips bigger—oops!—I average fuller. Because huge lips to be what Black females had prior to luscious lips ended up being popular and then “big lips” ended up being “full lips” (because full sounds better than big) and also then Black women were may be to stop using make-up top we had actually been taught to minimization the dimension of ours lips. Hip-hip music videos carried the booty right into the spotlight, yet it to be still not socially acceptable. Women who chose to flaunt your fabulous fannies to be judged harshly—until now! What music videos fetishized and also objectified, society has now normalized—if the prey in question happens to it is in alabaster in complexion. Nicki was newly criticized for her Anaconda album cover. However Kim, the married mommy of a young daughter and the queen of bootie selfies gets a pass? ns haven’t seen any kind of open letter to Kim around showing she ass. Indigenous squats come injections, come articles and videos galore, over there is a excess of information on exactly how to acquire a larger butt. And now huge booties are not only acceptable, they’re coveted. I guess we should thank White girls for offering our derrières their due simply as we have Miley Cyrus to say thanks to for legitimatizing twerking. Next eye. I’m so end this recent episode of cultural appropriation. There is even a documentary, bottom Up—Rise that the Backside, that traces exactly how booties have moved indigenous cult fetish to key stream acceptability. There’s a tan prey on the poster because that the film the does no look like it belongs come the originator and creator of big Booties—Black girls! So, yea, I’m sick of large booty White girls.

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Ns feel like I’m wearing a dentist floss thong. Ouch!