Adult (American)

Sparrow-sized swallow with vast shoulders the taper come long, pointed wings. Adult males have actually a steely blue back, wings, and tail, and also tawny underparts. The throat and also forehead is rusty.

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Barn swallow Adult (American)

Adult (American)

Adults room brightly marked in deep blue, rusty, and also cinnamon. Note lengthy forked tail.

Barn swallow Adult


Upperparts are usually steely blue, yet color changes with edge of light. Note long wings. At part times the year, some individuals lack the lengthy tail streamers.

Barn gulp down Adult (White-bellied)
Barn swallow Adult (White-bellied)
Barn Swallow adults (American)

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Adults (American)

Both males and females help build the nest, using pellets of mud merged with dry grasses.

Adults (American)

Often forages in flocks, reasonably low to the ground. Trip is very light and agile, with rapid turns and small gliding.