The Nausea, Excitement are okay because that the most part but really struggling to get the 5 seconds of air time.. Highest ive completed was 4.4 seconds.. Rebuilt 5 coasters make the efforts to change it perfectly and spent around 5 hrs in full on it..

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Is there any type of sure way to acquire the airtime? structure hills and hoping it has actually airtime is not working for me


Hey! have actually been struggeling v this mission because that over 6 damn hours. I almost gave up together i googled and also searched everything. BUT since a couple of hours somebody made a practice ride you can download and also then via blueprint place it. It's called Trimmed Tree in the vapor workshop and it works. Ns felt prefer cheating however I reallt couldn't obtain past the 5 secs. Airtime. Beware; building it costs 10k.

THANK friend JESUS. It's called Tree Trimmer, btw. Yet omg thank you. I, too, was struggling with building this. I'm no very great at coaster-building yet.

Basically hills climbed with speed, fairly than a chain lift. Going over the optimal of a hill and being lifted indigenous a seat is the waiting time bit. I've simply done this and it took a lot of tweaking and also quite a large coaster.

What helped was using the "coaster stats" under the trial and error tab, which tells you the total airtime.

Look in ~ this for inspiration. 6.4 seconds of airtime (although this coaster's excited is slightly listed below 5, so friend can't just copy it).

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Try to make your very first chain lift hill significantly larger 보다 the rest of the peaks on her coaster. You desire these peaks come have relatively smooth, gradual transitions to maximize the lot of waiting time. Think the it together one's body being independent of the coaster car. You want the automobile to have enough speed (not also much) so that there is inert going about the arc the a hill. The auto being solved to the track will certainly pull the car down off of its organic tangential path. The driver is just being partly fixed come the car by the lap bar and will move upward the end of the seat till the bar restrains them. Sorry if this is as well technical yet it helps me architecture for waiting time :D

Up and down, up and also down, up and also down. I deserve to share mine if friend you still can't gain it ~ a while.

Having similar trouble through this an obstacle except my coaster has a relatively lose nausea rating. So far I have the right to only come up through a rating the at most 2.3. What were you dong in your coaster to get the nausea as much as 5?