There are 8 ways to acquire from United says to Puerto Rico by plane

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Boston (BOS) to mountain Juan (SJU) flights

The flight time in between Boston (BOS) and San Juan (SJU) is around 7h 11m and also covers a distance of around 1689 miles. This consists of an average layover time of roughly 1h 33m. The fastest flight normally take away 3h 59m. Solutions are activate by JetBlue Airways, soul Airlines, Delta and also others. Frequently 211 flights operation weekly, although weekend and also holiday schedules deserve to vary so inspect in advance.

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Boston (BOS) to mountain Juan (SJU) trip schedules

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JetBlue airways
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over there is widespread community transmission globally. We have actually received no reports that travel constraints in Puerto Rico. Because that the latest travel status, please examine the official page because that Puerto Rico.

For take trip planning advice, please describe our Coronavirus info page . Because that the latest travel status, we recommend checking the main page for Puerto Rico.

Currently, we are unable to provide international travel restriction details for Puerto Rico relating come Coronavirus (COVID-19). Because that the recent travel status in Puerto Rico, please check government recommendations.

main Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for Puerto Rico

Currently, we space unable to carry out domestic travel restriction information for travelling within Puerto Rico. For the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel condition within Puerto Rico, please check government recommendations.

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main Coronavirus (COVID-19) details for Puerto Rico

Currently, we room unable to administer travel restriction information for leaving joined States. Because that the latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel standing in united States, please examine government recommendations.