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Looking for a local corn maze or hayride in Kern County, California? Scroll under this page and you will watch the every one of thoses in Kern County, California, sorted by county. Some are large corn mazes through hayrides, pumpkins, corn cannons, inflatables and also others are an easy corn mazes with little else. Most additionally have lots of pumpkins to pick from. To really do it funny for her kids, look because that those that have actually the extra activities, prefer a corn cannon, cow train, inflatables, farm yard animals, pumpkin job or zip lines. There is commonly a tiny fee because that the mazes (of course, the much more elaborate mazes have tendency to charge more. Hayrides are regularly free.ALWAYS call before you go to confirm the info, lock don"t always report alters to me!

Especially this year, as result of Coronavirus, be sure to click on the links to check this year"s dates and also activities; plenty of have cut back on activities. Corn mazes tend to be open, pumpkins space usually because that sale. Mostly, it is things prefer festivals, inflatables and groups activities that are minimal in 2020. If lock don"t have actually a website or facebook page, contact email them directly or contact the call number provided, but always CONFIRM THIS YEAR"S DATES and TIMES BY prior to YOU GO.

and if you understand of one ns missed and also want to add it or exactly the information, you re welcome let me know! There space affiliate links on this page. Review our disclosure policy to find out more.

Updates because that November 2021

November: countless corn mazes are open now, just scroll under the page. And if girlfriend are searching for a pumpkin patch, this website because that pumpkin patches). Girlfriend may also want to shot the recent fun, Zombie Paintball, watch this website!.

Corn mazes, sorted by county

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Kern ar (Bakersfield area)

Knaus Ranch - apples Cherry Lane and Tucker Road, Tehachapi, CA.Phone: 661-822-4142. U-pick apples,gourmet olives, crafts, to apologize peelers, apple and pumpkin butter.


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