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Discussion Forum:General Topics:Rainbow Girls?
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SentryMemberJoined: 2004/2/5Posts: 119West Monroe, LouisianaRainbow Girls?
Hi all...I need some advice.My wife and I lead a restore Ministry in ~ our Church.We have a mother that pertains to class and also her daughter (16 year old) is suffering from Bulimia. (Eating Disorder) I"ve never faced this before and would like any type of feedback I can get.As the subject states, this girl reportedly went to part "meetings" referred to as Rainbow Girls. I never heard of it, yet it appears to it is in a branch the the free Masons. She to be 14 in ~ the time...and it seems that her troubles started about the same time. This family are exorbitant Christian people, but they don"t understand what to execute for your daughter.It is a really serious problem.Currently, us are just trying to sell support and also prayer.The daughter does not want anyone come know about her problem.This girl vomits everyday...they have discovered containers that vomit concealed in she bedroom.This saddens me deeply and also I watch for any type of advice I deserve to get.We additionally cherish your prayers.Her surname is KatelynThank you.Mark_________________Mark

Hello,My family encouraged me to join the Rainbow Girls once I was a teenager. Also bought me among the rings. I was unimpressed. Too lot pomp and snobbery. The various other members were all from well to perform families and also not interested in me. Praise the Lord!My family was much more interested in me being a member than I was. I quit attending quickly after joining. Give thanks to God for keeping my head from being turned by your empty values.We to be attending a a Church at the time and also no one there spoke up versus the organization. Mine step-father to be a Deacon and also a Mason. Sadly, they attended because that show, castle did no live the word. My mom now belongs come a feel good church the meets in a structure that looks as with a pre-fab mosque. I son you not. Breaks my heart. She is thrilled because the preacher used to it is in a absent n" role piano player and also he performs because that the membership. In ~ my step-father"s funeral services no one point out was make of the salvation made possible by ours Lord"s sacrifice. The business was a celebration event of mine step-father"s life. ~ wards, the preacher said me that if daddy didn"t make it to heaver, that didn"t understand who would. I had actually to bite my tongue.I will pray because that the girl,white stone_________________Janice

Hi :),at first I assumed you were talking about the Rainbow people which space kinda like modern day hippies.As because that the Mason"s there is lot rumor around them. Girlfriend can conveniently study increase on it (if friend haven"t already that is). Is that Satanic? well what of Christ is not to part degree. The is funny the they use words Lucifer and bearer of light and also so soon though the name is not necessarily bad. That is a weird sort of religious beliefs whatever method you look in ~ it. However from my understanding much of the is as with clubs and also so forth and the spiritual degree can vary from place to place. I was once also told that they cater to various religions in different places so i have also heard the a Christian one and also a Christian friend that went however cannot vouch for the validity that it.I to be not certain that I deserve to say that this condition is based upon the Mason joining it could be though. Ns would somewhat lean towards it being an ext of a teenage thing. I carry out not know if she is conserved or not, yet that would be first. I remember in mine youth before I was a Christian I suffered depression and also social anxiety and as anyone knows especially young girls have countless pressures on castle as far as their appearance is concerned. The fact is if girlfriend care around what the people thinks and also the world is every you have actually then if you cannot live approximately it"s criter then all you have actually is over and so extreme problems like this are created. Often as such possibly combined with demonic activity that looks for to destroy and just the nature of all the harshities of gift a youth it combines to get over a person. She needs much prayer, knowledge that she is love whether she is beautiful or not, counseling and also wisdom. I guess though that the bottom line is if she is bound to the world and possibly bound come a level of vanity climate in this sin she has bound herself. I deserve to say the I had actually this difficulty not with weight, but with acne and it was so hard however when I gained saved I quit caring by the power of the divine Spirit and also whether it was my period or no it seemed that it drastically disappeared and hasn"t ever before been earlier in any significant way no to be wealth and health prosperity preaching but I think it may have actually been from God or not exciting at least. This is a major problem in ours youth this day they deserve to be told that they room loved unconditionally and also that personality is an ext important yet that is not sufficient for them since they want to be like Hollywood or whatever.

Hi brothers Mark,I will certainly be praying because that Katelyn: girlfriend didn"t cite whether she was a Christian or is even open to Christians, however I will certainly share a small of my story in the wishes that it might help. In the distant past (in my beforehand to mid teens~ about twenty years ago) ns had difficulties with negative body image and also would excessively diet/exercise to shed weight. I worship God that He yielded me from that, yet it was only after I had actually made that mindful decision come eat normally and also sensibly, the God to be able to help me the rest of the way.Even as soon as I was at a an extremely low weight, i still want to it is in thinner and this is the difficulty with being recorded up in this dieting cycle. Your ministry and also desire to it is in a support to her and her family, together with your wife, is important wonderful. There will come a time once she will be confronted with the factors why she feels the way she does around herself and wants come be totally free from this compulsions, and this is as soon as she will certainly really need your and your wife"s support. What helped me reach this transforming point was meeting routinely with a Christian friend, who listened. Because that me, having actually someone to listen, without judging, and also to show the compassion the Christ, is what truly helped. I had people, who had an excellent intentions, tell me the my human body is the temple of the holy Spirit and also that ns was sinning through my dealing with myself the method I was. I knew this already, yet it didn"t prevent me at the time. Over there are factors behind bad self image, there space feelings to work through, there are prayers to be prayed and also scriptures that God"s assures to heal and to restore to be read. As we know, ours God is much more than may be to cure this young lady (and to carry her to a suggest of understanding her need for true and also whole salvation) and I"m certain that this will occur through your and also your wife"s continued support and prayers... I will join you in prayer because that Katelyn and her family, this next of the pond. If I can be of anymore help, then please feel cost-free to afternoon me.Your sister in Christ,Joy

God bless you sister White Stone, might Jesus simply fill her heart for this reason wonderfully.....and that goes for my other sister "hquest". much love, in Jesus" love, neil

Thanks because that your response and prayers.This young girl is a Christian, and is really involved v the youth group at the Church.I assumption: v that"s what yes, really puzzles me.As far as the Rainbows, her parents walk one time to one of the meetings and said it was really strange. Lot"s of rules and also rituals. She father take it a picture of her while there, and also they scolded him for doing so. They said that no pictures were permitted while the scriptures was open. The "Bible" was a big white bible on a pedestal.Anyway, my main problem is acquiring this girl set free from such a awful bondage.In Christ.Mark_________________Mark

Just together information, the Masonic organization is not a religion, yet open to all faiths who think in one God (Christian, Jewish, and Islamic). The function of the company is come promote great works, make great people better people, help aid and assist the poor, the sick and the needy. The Masonic family contribute to charitable causes to the song of about $2,000,000 a day. They have actually built and support 22 Shriner"s Hospitals where nothing is charged to the families. They additionally run an eye structure that provides sight to the blind, send regional ministers of every faiths come the divine Land, sponsor all manner of clinical research, and also do a lot of of good in the local communities. Many of America"s best and also brightest have been and also are Freemasons, Such together Gene Autry, Sen. Bob Dole, president Harry Truman, and many plenty of others. There is much written information on the Masonic fraternities from both within and without. Ns was married by one Anglican Minister who is a Freemason, and likewise a decorated Vietnam war hero. A an excellent many the the enlarge Baptists churches throughout the south were founded and built by Freemasons. The youth institutions stress obedience come the parents, an excellent citizenship, and require the power of civic charity. In a human being where youngsters are based on all the evils of society, one would hope that such company as Rainbow Girls would certainly be a welcome relief. Some of the most devote young ladies I have met to be either Rainbow girls or Job"s Daughters. Ns pray this young girl it s okay better, however I doubt Rainbow Girls was the reason of it.

i was a rainbow girl together a teenager also.i beg you, ns beg you, ns BEG you, you re welcome tell castle they should remove she from this. It is an organization that disclosure the things stated below...but it is other that has actually just sufficient religion to keep world from falling right into the arms of Christ. The is a works-based cult. It will only serve come take she away kind His power under the guise that goodness. It"s just like any kind of other religious group that is no founded totally on the communication of confidence in Jesus Christ. Ns use strong words here since that is a strong deception. I have actually been under that myself. Ns don"t to speak this judgementally in a dorn way, but fearfully, recalling words in galatians, in proverbs, in teh very words the Christ Himself, in many, many places whereby God cautions wand warns and warns of this type of thing...now: ns don"t recognize that the eat disorder is necessarily affected by the rainbow girls however it can be a possibility. Yet the eating disorder is a sin pattern that requirements to be handle with. Most likely someone is hurting her (which might be anybody, really). This is one likely reason why she is law this. Or just the push to be perfect in the rainbow girls atmosphere (of which ns speak experientially) is additionally a likely factor. Neither possibility would pardon it..but castle may explain it.i struggled with an eat disorder before. However its actual name to be gluttony. But the point is, if she loves Jesus she have to not disrespect she body favor that. She needs to talk v you or v someone trusted about what is influencing her to perform this. I"ll be praying.

sorry..you guys know i don"t typically speak harshly. However this is a gospel importance!!! this family members is in real risk here...

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please forgive me if you think ns was as well hard. But this is something i know around personally. And these world are in real peril of gift just religious enough come condemn your sous...

growingholly,I am an extremely thankful for your comments.I are afraid that, (like friend said) this is method off base. God is not in it. In ~ ALL.The points I"ve heard indigenous this household is contradictory to God"s Word. I appreciate your prayers and also support._________________Mark