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on one hand ns count the factors I can stay v youAnd host you close to me all night longSo countless lover"s gamings I"d love come play v youOn the hand there"s no factor why it"s wrongBut on the other hand there"s a golden bandTo repeat me that someone that would no understandOn one hand I could stay and also be her loving manBut the factor I should go is top top the other handIn your arms i feel the enthusiasm I thought had diedWhen i looked into your eye I discovered myselfWhen I an initial kissed her lips i felt therefore aliveI"ve got to hand it to you girl you"re miscellaneous elseBut meanwhile there"s a golden bandTo remind me the someone who would no understandOn one hand I might stay and be your loving manBut the reason I must go is top top the other handYeah the factor I must go is meanwhile
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